Start at 21? Need Experienced Advice

I’m currently 20 years old will be 21 in the passed year and a half I went from 180lbs to 240lbs body weight with the assistance of genetics 2 pro cycles and a 4 week anadrol trying to plan the next cycle thinking of running dbol and test e.

Is 21 to young? Even if I probably have reached my genetic limit?
Is dbol and test e a good idea for a 2nd cycle?

You have not reached your genetic limit at 21… NOT even MAYBE…
And IMO - 21 is WAY to young…

Assess your goals. Think about risk vs return, and your future plans. If you’re dead set on continuing to cycle, then go for it. You’ve already run 3 cycles, so technically you have started already.

how is it “starting at 21” when you’ve already done 3 cycles?

You can’t even count. I wouldn’t trust you with a syringe.