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Start Arimidex

Decided to stop monkeying around and start Arimidex until I can get my methylation pathways and gut healed. What dose do you guys recommend(and dosing schedule) and is the generic OK? How long does it take to “kick in”?

My doc recommended 1/2mg twice a week, so i took it on mondays and thursdays. Im not on TRT but using arimidex has dropped my E2 levels but not quite low enough so IM now on 1/2mg 3 times a week until i get further testing. U should notice something within a week, i have lost about a half inche of waist within a few weeks and slight increase in sex drive. I have since started other hormone stuff as my freeT is low and dhea is low so trying pregnenolone to help increase dhea levels, i have tried dhea on its own but it just increased my E2 levels, but everyone is different so need to monitor the effects of each hormonal supp to see how it effects everything else, i was hoping arimidex would help increase my freeT but no luck there.


Well, we do not know what OP’s TRT dose is, E2 levels or if OP is even on TRT.

Definite results in 10-14 days. The delay is from processes in your body and brain. The drug starts to reduce E2 production in minutes. Serum E2 levels take some time to balance production and elimination.