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Start A Gym, Keep Studying, or Both?


well its time for me to regain some direction and would appriciate some opinions.

i have a bachelor of human movement (majour in exercise science) soon to gain level 1 olympic lifting coaching qualifications, looking into gaining gymnastic coaching qualifications
currently i am working in a personal training studio (i hate addmiting that) another gym where i am constantly battling to get people to get out of the leg press and do some deadlifting and squating with the occasional win for my cause. i have also been aproached by a rugby team to become a strength and conditioning coach for their junior athletes who are showing potential for the future (im very exited about this)

i am thinking about starting a gym that focuses on training for athletic performance, utilising olympic lifting, gymnastic skills, and strong man type training, essenctily everthing exept for machines,
how ever i would also like to continue my education possible looking into bio-mechanics or endocronology. Obvoulsy bio-mechancis would be very appicable with gymnastics and oly lift, hormonal responces do pipe my intrest.

so what do i try and do? set up a gym (knowing full well that most gyms go bust quite quickly) futher my education and be a poor uni student in the process, or both?


If I were you, I'd keep studying. Keep studying, get the degrees you want/need and then open up your gym. Credentials (to the masses) are worth alot more than actual training knowledge. A few masters or a doctorate would get you more business than you telling them "Its ok, I read T-Nation." despite T-Nation having an infinite amount more of useful information.

Anyway, thats what I would do. That, and definitly take the rugby team strength and conditioning coach. Right now, take any business you can, it sounds like youre in the stage of the game where you're going to need money for the long run.

Good luck.


answer within ... you already have the mentality that "most gyms go bust quite quickly" ... it IS tough to make money owning a gym ... and to do so would take ALL of your time, at least initially ... thus your studies would likely suffer

get businesss savy ... work at a similar type place if possible ... even a small business that is not a gym ... learn the ropes ... no pressure and part time while you study

bust out on your own after you gradgitate

hope that helps,