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Start a Cycle at 18?

If I’m 18, is it worth starting a cycle? I’ve been lifting since I was 13


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Why do you want to start a cycle at 18? Seriously, have you thought about it? Realistically your pre-frontal cortex hasn’t fully developed yet most likely. Have you laid out your goals or what your core values are?

Is potentially destroying your HPTA function worth a few additional pounds of muscle? Dwell on these questions. My simple answer based on the very limited information you provided is NO.

Here’s some reading material for you. Start here:

I wish someone had helped me by sharing this information when I was 18. What’s driving you/motivating you to think that using AAS at 18 is a beneficial/worthwhile/value added activity? Have you experienced trauma/abuse? Have you ever explored cognitive behavioral therapy? Google the term. Then take part of the money you were going to spend on AAS of indeterminate quality and plunk down $30 on this (below). It’s dense reading but I think it could be a real value add for you. Should be required reading for young people and most people. Not as sexy as a cycle but much more valuable use of your money. After you’ve done the hard work (could take years) then revisit this idea of a cycle and what’s behind you wanting to explore this.

I wish you enjoyable reading. Remember, I don’t know who originally said it, but the educational value of something is inversely proportional to its entertainment value in many cases.

Nope, nope, nope. Your T levels are peaking right now. If you can’t make gains at this point in your life, then you’re doing something wrong.


Hi everyone planning on doing my first cycle I have sus 250 and dball I’m not sure how much to take and for how long. A friend told me to take 500mg of sus a week and 35mg of dball a day for 4 weeks .then drop the dball and carry on with the sus and add winstrol for 8 weeks .my main question is will I get (bitch tits) from the d ball or is the dose to low and the cycle to short to worry about.

Your gonna be the only person in history to take “dball” you need to not listen to this friend and not touch steroids until you atleast know the proper names and what can be done to stop “bitch tits”

And to the OP don’t do it bro too young.