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Starr's 5x5 with OHP Twice/Wk?


Probably the Nth question regarding Starr's 5x5 Intermediate Program

Going to give Bill Starr's 5x5 Intermediate program a whirl, but was thinking about swapping out the benching twice per week with the OHP. So I will train OHP (M&F) with the associated progressions and train the bench on Wed. according to the Wed. scheme.

Or, do the nature of the two exercises dictate that they are not optimally trained on a schedule like that? At this time I want to focus on increasing my OHP, thus the idea.

Anyone have any insight/experience?

49 years old, lifting 30+ years on and off, dabbled in some powerlifting in my 20's but mostly spent many wasted years on Weider-like programs seen in M&F magazines.


Personally, I think you are going to wreck something. That would kill my elbows and shoulders inside of 4 weeks. Maybe you have a lighter approach, and not going all out? What kind of weight are we talking?


Planning on pushing the OHP as I would on the bench. Strength in the OHP always sucked and sucks right now... perhaps 60kg 5RM.