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Starr/Pendlay 5x5 Advanced?

Just wondering if anyone here has any experience with Bill Starr’s/Glenn Pendlays 5x5 Advanced Program and if they liked it for building mass with a great diet? I kinda dont understand some of the things in the brief … here is the link Bill Starr - Glenn Pendlay 5x5 - Periodized Version, Dual Factor Theory my question is when you get to weeks 6-9 and “deload” do you add weight those weeks or do you keep it the same?

he says in it to keep the weights the same for week 5 but doesnt say for weeks 6-9…im going to try the option 1 deload…im pretty much curious how this program works … ive read the brief several times still not clear

An actual link to click on would have been nice, but anyway…Yes, add weight each week from the 6th to the 9th.

This program uses week 5 (and 6, to an extent) as an active recovery: you do 3x3 with your working 5x5, so week 5 is “rest” (you’ll feel the work out very light), week 6 will be a bit challenging (as you increase the load), weeks 7 to 9 leads you to set a 3RM PR (or close to it).

If you subscribe to www.stronglifts.com (it’s free), you’ll be able to download their Advanced Stronglifts spreasheet, which is nothing more than your Starr/Pendlay. Be a bit conservative on entrering your maxes, and enjoy!


stupid login took my long drawn out response.

use the spreadsheet on that page to figure out the 9 week cycle. I’m currently starting week 6 tomorrow. Week 6 isn’t an active recovery as your weights increase. The difference is your volume is cut by almost 2/3rds. I like it so far but I may be the cause of my patella pain.

Use the spreadsheet. I was doing 1x5 before that so my last 1x5 workout I used for my 5rm to calculate tonnage.

darryllicke…the link does not work for some reason

just worked for me. shrug

just google “glenn pendlay 5x5”. should be the first result.