Starchy Carbs - When?


Meal 1: Contains starchy carbs
Meal 2: Few carbs, if any
Meal 3: Few carbs, if any
Meal 4: (Post-Workout Nutrition) Contains starchy carbs
Meal 5: Contains starchy carbs

I found the above template. If I work out at 6 am, what order would I use?

Meal 1 would be pre workout
Meal 2 post workout
Meal 3 about 12.30 pm
Meal 4 about 4 pm
Meal 5 about 8 pm


I have been reading so I will hazard a guess:

Meal 1 (Pre-workout) - Starchy carbs
Meal 2 (Post-workout - Starchy carbs
Meal 3 - Few carbs
Meal 4 - Starchy carbs
Meal 5 - Few carbs
Meal 6 - Few carbs

You really do not need to worry so much or think so hard.

Have you ever asked yourself if you thought you were deficient in some nutrients, or how many mmol of trolox equivalents you eat per day?

Actually I agree that I never want to worry too much about certain nutritional things. In general I just try to keep fat low as much as possible. But, I was interested in what is best pre and post workout when dealing with carbs.

But yeah, I don’t actually count anything :slight_smile:

Right now, for pre I eat a banana and a yoghurt museli bar. For post I have a protein shake with spinach, almonds, water, and mango + a hard boiled egg. The rest of the day it is salad and vegetables with chicken, beef, or salmon. I just drink water, but will sneak in a small container of low fat milk.

Unless you’re doing something deliberately low carb then the timing isn’t really that big a deal, though you will tend to tolerate them somewhat better at breakfast or after working out. The quality of the carbs, especially their ability to cause a quick insulin spike is usually more important. Insulin is an anabolic hormone, that’s great when bulking, not so good when cutting. For your specific question it would be:

Meal 1: Contains starchy carbs
Meal 2: Contains starchy carbs
Meal 3: Few carbs, if any
Meal 4: Few carbs, if any
Meal 5: Few carbs, if any

However, without knowing your specific goals it’s hard to say whether that’s actually worth the effort or a good idea.