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Starchy Carbs on Rest Days?

With my new program, I am lifting three days a week with a rest day in between. I will do cardio once (or twice) a week as well.

I am about 151-152lbs. currently with about 10-11% bodyfat. I was wanting to get some opinions on starchy carbs for rest days since I haven’t taken this many rest days in between training before–while at the same time I want to use the extra recovery time to keep my bodyfat percentage down as I increase my lean mass.

That said, what would you consider to be an ideal amount (in GRAMS) of starchy carbs to consume on my REST DAYS? I usually eat lower gylcemic starchy carbs including oatmeal, whole-grain bread (no HFCS), brown rice, and sweet potatoes for starchy carbs. And technically beans are a starch that I eat too.

Thanks for your suggestions/comments.

I am hoping, strongly hoping, that someone can reply before my first rest day tomorrow on this new program. Should I be going low, moderate, or high? What should my fat/protein/carb ratio be on these off days vs. lifting days?


Why don’t you look into Carb cycling. There’s an article on this site with a map out of Bulking & cutting phase.

Look here: (doesn’t just apply to MMA)