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Starch & Round Face

Why is it whenever I up my starch just a little over a meal, my face turns round and bloated, the type doesn’t matter (rice, oats, yam, beans low gi or high GI). It doesn’t do this with fruits.

Perhaps because the carbohydrates in the starches are preferentially taken up by the muscles (including those in your face). The carbohydrates from most fruits are fructose, which is mainly absorbed by the liver. Since carbs are stored with water, this could account for the bloating effect in your face. This theory sounds pretty far fetched in my opinion, but ya never know.

I have a similar problem to you, however only when I’m heavier. What is your weight/height? I have found in the past that the more water I drink during the day, the leaner my face stays. How much water do you drink?

probably not enough water, less than a gallon, I’m 5 8" , 200lbs 14%, yes heavier, obviously if i’m under ten percent i don’t get this.

I like the theory of the water in face muscles.

I wondered if it could be metabolically related

I end up consuming low carbs cause i hate looking round