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Star Wars: The Old Republic Cinematic Trailer


You guys seen this?!



Yeah, a few days ago. My thoughts are pretty much:

I saw the WoW intro - was hyped, played the game - was disappointed.

I saw the AoC intro - was hyped, played the game - was disappointed.

I saw that TOR trailer and immediately thought "I'll be so ****ing disappointed."


Looks fucking sweet to me!

KOTOR was one of the best games I have ever played, if this is basically a similar type game only with the power of the 360 behind it, I think it could be pretty epic.



I'm personaly not so fond with the gameplay vids they've put out so far. But this game is still in developement, and if they manage to do something good about it, I might give up my life for it!


1) Stop it. We both know you're gonna keep playing Oblivion.

2) This is a MMO, so its gonna be like World of Warcraft.

3) Its not for the 360

4) You're playing Oblivion right now. Stop it.


Hmmm, Did you say they are making Oblivion into an MMO? AWSOME!



The trailer is ridiculously awesome, I felt like I was watching a movie. MMO's aren't really my thing though so I probably won't be playing.


The first trailer at 2009 E3 was much better IMO. I will be purchasing this game.

Watch this one:


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that grenade blew up his face, but not the hand he was holding it with?


Mithril Armor?

On a side note, WHY THE FUCK is a 5 minute trailer better than all three of the Star Wars prequal combined? WHY WON'T GEORGE LUCAS STEP ASIDE and let someone more competent take over the franchise? I am only a passive Star Wars fan and this shit irks me, so I can only imagine what Die Hard fans feel like.


Also, what happened to Angry Vader?


I was watching the E3 coverage on G4. That shit almost makes me want to build a new PC to play it on, But I still have Alan Wake, Red Dead Redemption, Halo, Left 4 Dead I/II, and SplinterCell Conviction to soak up my free time.

I agree Pootie Tang, George Lucas needs to step the fuck down. The Star Wars comic books and games have great stories and ideas that make the prequels look like a 5yr old child's nonsensical gibberish.


Vader is in his chambers, preparing himself mentally for this game.


I always thought it would be interesting if the Jedi/Sith rivalry were more ambiguous instead of the Sith being blatantly evil. They're always the clear cut bag guys, but as real life has taught us, things aren't always black and white.

the dark side is all about tapping into your emotions right? couldn't the Sith just be a bunch of dudes who didn't want to be ruled by a strict code and sworn into celibacy? people who fight for what they believe instead of being detached killing machines like the Jedi?


I think that's actually how it is. The movies are always from the Jedi's point of view. I think the Sith actually believe in peace, but peace through force and power.

Jedi: Let's talk this out
Sith: Fuck that. You, get on that side. You, get on the other side! Don't make me cut you.

Jedi teach you to let go of emotions and be...what's the word for it... i guess "Zen". The Sith teach you to feed into your emotions, draw from that power, and use it to aid you.


This is actually pretty interesting.

Straight up nerd question here, but I loved the Ender's Game series so I'm going to ask. Are there any good Star Wars sci-fi books that have been written? I would think that some pretty awesome stories could be written utilizing the Star Wars foundation.


Those trailers looked absolutely bad ass.

But that didn't really answer anything about the game. Am I Sith or Jedi? Is that a choice? It's MMO? Is it going to play just like WoW?

I have always loved the Star Wars games. KOTOR, Jedi Outcast, Force Unleashed, but I don't know how I feel about MMO style...


In one of the books, Han solo's son ends up inheriting Leia's force sensitivity. He becomes a jedi and comes to the realization that there is no 'light' or 'dark' side at all, there is only the force. It is the person who uses the force that is either good or evil, and thus manipulates the force to their own ends.

The Sith code is one of personal fullfilment - to harness the strengths of your emotions and desires, to use those along with the force and become the greatest that you can. The reason why Sith are always shown as these evil, diabolic bastards with yellow eyes is because, like another poster said, all the movies are done from the Jedi's perspective. Also, remember Yoda always said that the road down the dark side is a slippery one. When you focus entirely on building yourself up it's easy to become corrupted... especially when you wield something as powerful as the force.


There are tons of Star Wars novels. Mostly broken down into various series with one author writing that particular series. Example, the "Republic Commando" series was written by Karen Traviss, and the "Last of the Jedi" series was written by Jude Watson. I've always enjoyed reading Karen Traviss' work. She's a great sci-fi writer.

The Star Wars comic books are some of the best books out there. Great art and great writing with a cast of mostly alien, crazy looking characters. Another example of how great Star Wars could be if GL would stop meddling with shit.

Everything should have a timeline near the front cover letting you know when the story unfolds in relation to Star Wars IV: A New Hope.