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Star Wars Nerd T-Man


Usually I'm not into fighting for fighting's sake but after watching this video I feel that the dude what beat on the little kid was justified.
Tell me your thoughts on this


link wont work for me :frowning:


1. Link doesn't work. Fad to go to youtube and search the video.

2. Funny as hell. I agree that fighting should be the last option, but as soon as someone lays a hand on you, they've crossed that line and action must be taken.


This should work.


"You just got your ass kicked buy a star wars nerd." ---->priceless


haha best line was "get back to hot topic, bitch"


I was a punk in my youth, not a fashion punk, but my friends were. We had an understanding. We wouldn't go to football games with our guitars. The jocks wouldn't come to our shows.

Those kid where just stupid.

And yes, "go back to hot topic" was the best.


lol, Why are the punks picking on the star wars nerds. I thought the whole idea of becoming punks was so others could pick on them. I guess that's what happens when you mess with the force.


Same here... I hate fashion punks (I call them "comic book punks" because they look like they're trying to dress up the way you see in the movies or comic books). I was, and still kinda am, just your regular leather jacket and jeans punk (Hey, Ho... Let's Go). I didn't/don't need to be a walking bumper sticker for the "punk movement" of 25 years ago.

I also don't start shit with people for no reason.

Those douchebags were totally begging for it, and I love how their whole tune changed after that kid got decked... like the Star Wars guys were just big bullies looking for trouble. Oh, man, how many times have I seen that in real life.

Hot Topic indeed... I remember when you had to rip your own clothes, and you couldn't just walk into some store with $200 that your mom gave you and say, "dress me up like a punker." Hell, it costs more to look like a gutter punk than it costs to look like a stock trader these days!

sigh Guess I really am getting old.


I thought the star wars guy was a pompous jackass. Oooh so you punched a guy, big deal. Why the hell was he bothered enough by the punks to go over there in the first place.


  1. he said he was standing in line with his mom, thats just disrespectful.

  2. if you've been waiting for a certain event to roll around and your all excited and some emo fuckers come up and try to ruin your time they're looking to get stomped out. as pretty much everyone on here knows i am a game geek, when the xbox 360 launch day rolled around, i was in the crowd just haveing fun(already had my 360 so no prob) and so emo fuckers rolled up harrasing all the weaker geeks in the crowd so i had to step up and basically do what this guy did except i didnt hit the fuckers(i wanted to though) emo kids talk shit but they're a bunch of fuckers.

  3. all the props in the world to this star wars geek.


Bro, if somebody is standing there calling you out and disrespecting you I am sure you would at least go over and get in their face. The punch resulted because somebody put a hand on him. The guy acted normal and told the story.


No, I'd probably just call back "go back to hot topic" if could think of something that good. I don't see how getting bothered enough by some "little emo fuckers" to go over and start something is admirable.


Yeah...I can't consider this guy a T-man as the thread title suggests. I think he must have been at least twice the size of that kid. Gee ma, look what I did, I decked some skinny 17 year old punk and then bragged about it on camera.
T-man, I think not, much anger in him...


he didnt brag about he was telling the story to the camera man, that was filming the documentary. who cares about their physical stature, if your talking shit you should be able to back it up. like i said they always back down when you get in their faces.


i didnt really see where the kid laid a hand on him. The video skips over that, seems pretty convenient.


It's hard to just let something like that go. It's amazing to me that a normal person can't just go stand in line for a movie without being harrassed. But the reason that happens is that kid has never been taught respect. His parents didn't teach him, if he has parents, his teachers aren't allowed to teach him, and he finally ran into someone that is willing to. He's lucky it was that guy. I know a lot of people that would of taken it further than that.

But hitting someone on the street like that is risky. There's a bouncer here that's about to be tried for manslaughter for that. He hit the kid and the kid hit his head on the cement.


Watch closer, you should.

The punk kid pushes big boy, big boy decks the punk, punk is layed out flat.


Did Star Wars nerd put you on the pavement?


Punk will learn. Place hand on fire. Fire is hot.