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Star Wars Legends

First off, I’m a huge fan of the original series, having been taken to see them by my father at a very young age.

With the Pre-quels and thoughts about the new Disney-Sequels aside, I’ve been on a bit of a tear lately, discovering star wars themed podcasts and videos on youtube. All of this has gotten me very curious to read the “expanded Universe” books that came out years ago, but which have now been termed by Disney as non-canon.

I do have the Timothy Zahn books with Admiral Thrawn etc, but I know there is much much more out there. My question,… where do I even start? What order should I seek the books (or even audio books as I’ve been in my car quite a bit lately -lol) out in?



Oh man, there are so many non-canon Star Wars books… Good luck, lol.

lol - I just wanna follow Luke and Han and see where their story went before Disney scrapped everything.


Did you check this timeline out?

You’ll want 9 ABY (no idea what that stands for) and beyond. I know one of the trilogies talks about Han & Leia’s three kids a lot, but for the life of me I can’t remember which it is. It might be The Black Fleet Crisis, but I can’t remember.

I loved the Zahn trilogy but stopped trying to keep up after reading a few more of the paperbacks that followed.

They were all entertaining, but it all reminded me of the famous Mel Brooks line…


You should see how many Star Trek novels there are. :dizzy_face:

I’m not a nerd.

I’ve bought so many of them for my father over the years. Of course when I find the graphic novel versions, I make sure I borrow them myself.


I just want to brag that Pablo Hidalgo is a friend of mine since high-school.

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