Star Wars Kicks Ass! Literally

Blast from the past.

This was posted years ago here but still so cool. The lesson here “don’t let your mouth write a checkk your ass can’t cash”. Those long distance are so funny all mouth until confronted and the hefer in there is delightful “why did you hit them” I really wish the US would adopt the Australian’s “knocking” because until we do we’re just going to have these wannabe morons all over the place

By the way best part
“a star wars nerd just kicked your ass”

What is an Austrian’s “knocking”?

[quote]KyleT wrote:
What is an Austrian’s “knocking”?
Buddy told me about it if you start getting too big for your britches someone friend stranger whatever either gives you a verbal knocking or a knock to the head to make you realize you aren’t all that

Awesome video haha. Punk kids got what they deserved. That little girl was annoying as shit though.

I was just talking about this to someone the other day. Classics never die I guess

Classic, reminds me of one of my first real fights with some punk hot topic kid half my size who was talking shit about persians. When I confronted him he kept talking shit and tried to push me away, before eventually spitting (he missed) at me. A broken nose, 4 teeth knocked out, and a dislocated jaw later he wasen’t talking shit anymore. Well worth a 3 week suspension lol.

Anyhow, starwars kicks ass, and I hope those douches live with the embarrassment for life

Following the stereotype that Star Wars and Star Trek fans are wimpy nerds may be fine until you’re confronted by one who breaks the sterotype, like the Wars fan in that clip…he looked big enough. Then it’s silly to confront him.

Hmm, the force is strong with that one :wink:

I’d rather be a star wars nerd than one of those punk rocker faggots. Seriously, go buy some clothes from somewhere other than baby gap.