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Star Trek: Official Movie Discussion Thread


All right. Here we go. For the second week in a row we have another big blockbuster. Since it will be in theaters tonight and I know a few of you are already planning on seeing it, I figured we might as well get this started now.

As always, please refrain from discussing major spoilers for a few days or label your posts with *****SPOILER ALERT!!!!!*****


All I know is no one better could have played Spock.

I just hope the black chick has a WAY bigger role than on the tv show. All she did was press the same button for 20 years.


Plus, he had the benefit of being able to work directly with Leonard Nimoy.

I do think Zoe Saldana will have a significant role. She also said she got to spend time with Nichelle Nichols as she was working on the film. She looked AMAZING at WonderCon!

I think it's going to be great!


I just saw something on the news saying how tickets are already sold out for much of this weekend here in LA, and expect it to do very well. I think what Prof X said about Spock is right, that guy is the spitting image of what a young Spock would look like.

One thing I am willing to bet, Kirk will bang some alien chick with green skin.


I'm hurt my Star Wars buddy is talking about Star Trek. I don't know what to think.


A true geek has room in his heart for both. Doesn't mean I like it better though.


According to Wil Wheaton it totally rocks. And he says the Onion spoof is actually pretty right on: fun without overbearing exposition.
So.. hmm... not sure if I like my Star Trek without the lectures lol.


I accept your response. On topic, I'm actually curious to see this movie though I've never seen anything Star Trek related in my life. I'll give it a few weeks though, so all the uber cospaly nerds are gone.


Just got back from the 7 showing.

I thought it was great- redeemed my week from Wolverine.


Loved it...although would have liked to see more Nemoy, but that's just me


I'm seeing it sunday, and can you believe the girl I'm dating that can't wait to see it too. What a woman. I've seen every one of the originals, next generation and voyager multiple times. Yes I'm a Trekie. Not all of us are pencil neck geeks


Oh come on Uhora (Nichelle Nichols) did much more than that. For the time, Star Trek had the most racially diverse cast ever. The white guys did get the biggest role but still, consider the time.


Awesome movie....great cast...great story...no cheesy special effects. Nothing over the top..even for Star Trek. Eric Bana is awesome as bad guy Nero. I'd give it a 8/10.

And to echo Prof.X...there was no one else who could have played Spock better than Zachary Quinto...other than Leonard Nemoy himself.


Ive not seen it yet, but ive only heard good things about it.

Im pretty happy when I see the name JJ Abrams directing anything right now.


I understand that, but her part was even more muted on that show than the guys working the front panels on the deck of the ship. I don't think she was ever seen outside of that one room. Did she ever go on any missions? I do believe everyone else in the room got to at least once. I think this had more to do with her being a woman than anything else, but times have changes on both issues.

I also want to see how many "red shirts" die off.


^^ I won't spoil anything...but you get your wish.

It was one of the most energetic, fast and just cool movies I've seen in a long time. I'm not even talking about the Star Trek stuff...just as a movie.


I completely forgot it's being shown in IMAX. Schwing! My dad and I are going to see it Tuesday.


I've heard great things about it...


This was written about as well as it could be. I didn't catch one cheesy line in the whole movie aside from assigning some of the original catch-phrases. Whoever did the casting not only picked people to match the originals, but they made sure they all fit together as a team...which I know was difficult.


The only character that seemed unnaturally acted was the part of Doc McCoy (sp?)...and even he did a good job of playing McCoy...he just didn't play it as himself.

The action sequences were perfect. I laughed when Sulu said he had studied fencing. I shouldn't have.


I liked it. Took me a while after the movie to come to a view, and I'm sure I'll have to watch it a couple more times for my final verdict.

I liked cast, humour, dialogue (many TWoK references) and the general revival of the positive and jolly spirit of the original series. I liked the deeper characterisations for the minor characters, and the slightly more realistic motivations of the main characters. The focus on the world's best known bromance (I stole that from the Guardian review) between Kirk and Spock was good - and it sets very nicely the stage for the sequels. It's a bit like X-Men I, which set the scene for so much more to come.

I'm ok with the canon changes, and I can live with the explanation - but I've got no idea how to fit them into my ongoing ST roleplaying campaign.

I didn't like that Nero was just another mad man with an underwhelming plan, and that the importance of morals was underplayed (yes, I like my Star Trek slightly preachy). I thought they missed the opportunitiy to make it a proper drama, but I guess there can only be one Battlestar Galactica.

Overall, it's lovely to see Star Trek back - I would prefer it on the small screen where it belongs, and where they can develop stories and characters in much more detail; but hey, I'm happy.


PS: Checked this post 15 times - I'm convinced I haven't included any spoilers.