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Star Trek: Nemesis, Future of Star Trek (SPOILERS)..

Check these two sites out. The first is a really good interview with Nemesis screenwriter, John Logan: http://www.startrek.com/ news/news.asp?ID=125854 (space at “/” and “news”). Folks, be happy that he penned the script, IMO.

NOW, here we go with SPOILERS. So, go to this site at your own risk - but it's good info as to what may be the "new" future of Star Trek: http://thefacer.net/ viewcomment.asp?FBID=120 (space at "/" and "view") - Enjoy!

thats heavy stuff…really heavy. the federation will fall. wow

Hey, go to the following link and check out just posted stills from Nemesis: www.treknews.de/ treknews/newspro-treknews/static/103464001544592.php (space at “/” and “treknews”).

It's a German site, so you German readers of T-Mag, can enjoy reading the captions. While all others can just enjoy the pics. The more I see and read about this flick, the more I want to see it. It's looking SO good.....


Handy tip: If you want to read a site written in a foreign language, go to http://babelfish.altavista.com, enter the link into the box under “Translate a Web Page”, select “German to English” (or whatever is appropriate) and click on Translate.

The only problem is, such translation services are deplorable at best.

I just wanted to bump this thread back up so we could discuss the upcoming “Nemesis”.

The advertisements are increasing, with trailers that seem AWESOME!!! I have always enjoyed the Holiday movie season, usually full of exciting releases…

As a lomgtime “Trek” fan, I’m pretty excited!

Thanks for “bumping” this up, Mufasa!

The other day, I watched five minutes from Nemesis (online), as well as read two reviews from some people who checked out sneak preview showings. If I have time later, I'll post the links to all.

Oh hell yes. I’m so stoked for this movie, it’s consuming me. Such awesomeness. Oh, that 5 minute sneak preview can be found at:

www.ifilm.com/ifilm/product/ film_multimedia/ 0,4470,2446644,00.html (space at film)

Some recent “stuff”:

"Tom Hardy (Shinzon in Nemesis), revealed to Trekweb that not only did he wear a prosthetic nose, lip scar and chin to look more like Patrick Stewart but several key scenes of his have been cut including two seen in the original teaser trailer - one of two 'telepathic rape' sequences (the one with his "Don't Fear" quote), and the other: "There was a scene where I?m introduced speaking to the Romulan Senate which has been cut so they could go right to the stairs for a bit of a better impact". Rick Berman went into more detail on Trekweb about the forty minutes of cut footage: "There were scenes in the first act of the film that we felt slowed the film down a little bit that didn?t get to the story quick enough. We took out things that were in places where we just literally took out frames. In the Kolarun car chase sequence it was incredibly wonderful, the very first cut, but we probably ended up taking two minutes and it?s always painful to take action out, but we did take a lot of stuff out of the wedding scene. We also took a lot out of the end". Will any of it make the DVD? "I don?t know. Stuart and I both question whether we want to sit down and remix and rescore additional footage. We?re both very pleased with the momentum and the length of this picture". There's also interviews online with Patrick Stewart and Marina Sirtis. "



To quote Al Pacino (Heat):

“Gimmie all ya’ got!”

Had to reincarnate this thread one more time. Who’s getting pumped? I know I am.

How’s a guy supposed to study for finals with Nemesis on friday?!

Latest trailer showed the line “Do not fear” (Shinzon). And this line was apparently edited out of the movie. Now, I’m confused. Have they decided to include it in the final cut?

Oh yeah, I'm in line for this one. BTW: Gangs of New York, which opens next week (Dec. 20) will have the "Kill Bill" trailer attached. "Kill Bill" is Quentin Tarrantino's next. And it looks fun.