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Star Trek Movie Reviews



Four stars and not a bad word. This is going to rock!


Been looking forward to this one for a while.


Yeah, yeah, yeah ... only two weeks ... woohoo ...!

... erh ...

... I like Star Trek a lot ...

... I've even got a tatoo ...

Sad, huh?

Oh - and...

Yeah, yeah, yeah ... only two weeks ... woohoo!



I'm pumped about it. It's about damn time they made a good Star Trek movie.


...Wrath of Khan?


hmmmm I have only seen it once a long time ago. I know it's a cut above most of the other ST films but I remember being cheesed out by it somewhat. Maybe it was the special effects. So I will give you a tenative touche for now, and go back and watch it again.


Wasn't Ricardo Montalban's chest/abs fake in that movie?


I have never been a fan of StarTrek at all (its all about StarWars). But I saw the trailer and was like "HOLY SHIT".

This movie is going to be awesome.


I'll be honest like Skinless I live in a Star Wars Universe but man has JJ Abrams put in some serious work on this one. Looks like decent casting & of course the CGI is ridiculous.

This movie has serious potential - always good to get backstory


What is this "Star Wars" thing you speak of?


come on fella! you can't just say you have a star trek tattoo and not say what it is! Don't make me start a rumor that you have a tribble tattooed on your lower belly,... cuz I will.


I am loving the previews and the attitude of the guy they have playing Kirk, the original space cowboy. I love all those Kirk posters, he rocks.


Only the most incredible thing in the history of mankind.


Still not ringing any bells for me.


I guess it's over rated anyways.


It's a passing fad I hear. Nobody will be talking about those movies 30 years later.


You'll only find the movies in the bargain bin, nothing even worth thinking about.


Star Trek, where it all began! The journey will never end, it just keeps getting better. May 08, 2009 mark your calendar a new box office record is about to be set. I am stoked!


lmao @ Angryvader & Rattler


Teehee. Sorry, for the late answer. As I'm really neat, and not into too much ... fur, I beg you not to start such a dastardly rumour. Maybe I'll pm you, if I can find a picture.