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Star Jones Hit By a Football


I enjoyed this so much I'm tempted to feel bad about it.


It's her fault for having such a strong gravitational pull.


LOL, good thing she lost weight. The moon would have been next.


Yet another reason why football is the greatest sport on the planet.




I've seen the Veiw. Not trying to feel bad at all!


She is wearing shoulder pads. WTF? What a POSER!


Should have worn a helmet.


Oh shit...that's probably the best thing I'm going to see all day. Thanks!


She obviously wasnt "literally knocked out" if she could have said "ow" or whatever she moaned while on the ground and was able to move her leg. Which is my next question: why is it that when fat people fall, their legs have the tendency to shoot up in the air and slam back down causing a small reading on the richter scale?
Was Jason Sehorn able to feel it 100 yards away?

Absolutely histerical to say the least: "you cant see Star being hit by that football enough."


don't let her fool you. she's used to being impacted by meteor's and comets. a football is not going to break through the surface "crust". i did'nt see any lava. or is it magma?


She is full of shit. It didn't knock her out.






For having a thinner looking face she is still as big as a house.... It couldn't have happended to a nicer person.


thats great...they shoulda told her it was a brownie, then maybe she woulda caught it!



Like artwork.

That you laugh at.