Staples of Your Diet

This has probably been done to death, but what are the staples of your diet? The foods or recipees that you eat on a regular basis, either out of convenience or because you like them. Maybe we can start 2 threads, 1 for bulking and 1 for dieting. I will start:

I eat these foods quite frequently 3-7x a week when bulking.

  1. 100% whole wheat Pasta & homemade meatsauce.
  2. 100% whole wheat bread pb& honey or tuna w/ mustard sandwiches & 16 oz milk.
    try the tuna packets, sweet and spicy i think it is? tastes great just slapped in some bread with mustard.
  3. I just invented this dish(ok, so i scammed it from the Mexicans, but don’t tell). Get 1 CUP Kraft instant brown rice. It seems to have less total carbs, so a better carb/fiber ratio. Less sodium too. 1 CAN Carribean style blackbeans. EIther tuna or chicken. And finely grate your favorite cheese for flavor. I recommend a sharp cheddar. A little cheddar goes a long way. Makes 2-3 fairly good size meals. low fat, high p+c. Lots of fiber.

Post is getting a bit long. I will send in more as i think of it.

yo hi, for bulking:

1 strip steak (top loin boneless usually) per day… man these are amazing, i never get tired of them either… and now since i love red meat, i make them bloody red, juicy as hell (naturally), oregano/black pepper, sometimes some garlic, and A1… ok i just ate one and im getting hungry for another!:slight_smile:

alot of flax oil, and only one teaspoon of carlson’s fish oil a day

whole wheat pasta usually on workout days

goat cheese ^^ usually put this in the pasta, it adds some great flavor.

peanuts,almonds, & beans i get alot of extra calories from these

Low Carb Grow/Surge as supplements

hmm lemme think, oatmeal & cottage cheese!

ok since you did a recipe i’ll do one:

for great strip steaks:
black pepper/oregano on each side (i usually cover it), this also protects the meat from sticking
get grill hot as hell
drop it on there for 1 minute 30 seconds, flip on other side 1 minute 30 seconds
then each side 4 minutes (or 5 minutes if its really thick)
(you can put some marinade last 5 minutes of grilling too, like honey bbq, !!)

ok peace!

Well my grocery list looks like this:

Protein sources:

Some form of grass fed beef or buffalo
New Zealand grass fed lamb
Organic chicken
Ground white meat turkey
Wild caught salmon when I can get it
Uncured organic bacon
Enriched yolk eggs
Cottage cheese
Low carb and Classic Grow!


Fresh and frozen spinach
Frozen green beans
Assortment of lettuce
Sweet peppers
Sweet potatos/yams


All kinds of berries
Dried fruit (particularly berries)


Various oils
Assortment of pungent cheese
Flax meal
Steel cut oats
Green tea

This is pretty much what I buy week in and week out. My Bf is almost always trying to gain and I have to be really careful but we pretty much have the same diet. I eat less overall, don’t eat any dairy, and am really watch fruit and other carb sources.

I forgot about pesto until I read Berardi’s Kitchen, but have been experimenting with some different ones lately. MMMMMMMM…It’s good on pretty much anything!

My recent favorite:

–protein source of choice (e.g. Dave’s canned wild salmon–thanks T-nation)

–raw or steamed veggies (e.g. broccoli and carrots)

–lentil pasta (Papadini brand–low glycemic and works fine)

–tomato sauce (Davide–a killer brand–not sure, but it may be only available in the Pittsburgh area).

The tomato sauce is so good, I’d probably eat cardboard covered with it.

Besides the lentil pasta, the other thing that is worth passing on is store bought ready made indian veggie dishes. Most taste great (if you like fairly spicy) and have lentils or some other low GI carb source. Reads the ingredients as some use bad kinds of fats.

Sabrina, other than oats you don’t eat any grains? I don’t know if i could survive without whole wheat bread. As far as I am concerned there is no best thing since sliced bread!

Scottl, Good mentioning the steamed veggies. Carrots and broccoli are my favorite to steam up. Only takes like 5 minutues too.

I got a few more dishes I eat pretty often. In the morning i usually rotate between 2 or 3.

  1. Cherios™, + 1/2 bananna sliced, possibly sliced strawberries and a protein shake.
  2. Whole wheat waffles + 1/2 banana + some crushed walnuts + a little maple syrup.
  3. oatmeal + vanilla extract + cinamon. Easy to make and masks the taste.
  4. PB + honey sandwich.

My favorite oatmeal meal is hard to make. I think i got it on T-mag somewhere. You chop up half a red apple and boil it in the water you are using to cook the oats. Take out the apple and throw it away since it is now worthless. Cook the oats(1cup). Throw in some cottage cheese(1cup). 1 scoop vanilla protein powder. 1/2 tablespoon vanilla extract. cinnamon, and chop up the rest of that 1/2 apple and throw it in. Tastes just like the unhealthy trans fat in a packet, but healthy! woo!

hopefully this will inspire some new posts

Sorry, I realized after I posted my list that you wanted recipes. Duh.

Anyway, Woop, no other grains. Very occasionally whole wheat pasta, but for the most part I really try to avoid them. I just feel better.

Good Oatmeal:

4 cups water
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup steel cut oats
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup dried blueberries or raspberries
1/2 cup toated pecans
4 packets splenda

After it cools a bit, mix in 1 1/2 cups cottage cheese, and 6 scoops of low carb grow.

Makes about 4-5 servings

Tasty Roasted Chicken

Soak the bird body in milk overnight (in the fridge, obviously ;)).

Rinse. Cut two lemons in half, stick them in the body cavity, along with some fresh rosemary, a head of garlic with both ends cut off, an onion cut into quarter. Rub some salt under the skin, then liberally sprinkle salt and pepper over the skin. Roast covered at 350 for one hour, then another 1/2 hour uncovered.

Sounds like a pain, but is actually really easy, requiring little prep. I would recommed doing two at a time becasue it is so good it won’t last long.

I second what Sabrina said–I just mixed pesto with steamed veggies, lentil pasta and canned wild salmon–yummie.

Oh and Sabrina I have the same issue with wheat that you do. Try the lentil pasta, great stuff (sold through


Thanks for the rec Scott, that lentil pasta looks intriguing…

I have to agree with ScottL on Dave’s canned wild salmon (Dave’sAlbacore site). I buy it by the case and have some every day.

That looks like a bomb meal you just ate scott. I think i might head to trader joes(a whole food store) and pick up some canned salmon. Also, my girlfriend has a secret recipee for pesto. It is all comming together…excellent.

Maybe when i get a day off i will try sabrinas chicken recipee. I am not a wiz in the kitchen, so it might take me a bit of fumbling around.

You know, i learned from Men’s Health artical “A man, a can, and a plan” that you can basically make a pretty good meal from just canned foods. Only thing you have to watch for is sodium levels. Canned foods are usually a lot higher in sodium. But certain foods you can prevent this by rinsing them with water. It will wash the sodium away.

Try a Can of pinto or kidney beens, some stewed tomatoes, and feta cheese. Maybe put it on top of your Lentil pasta? Throw in some chicken. Meal in 5 minutes.

Another good thing about making quick meals like that is that you will get about 3-6 meals from them. Pays off in time and patience. Cuz i don’t know how many times i have been on a bulking diet and just skipped a meal because i was making stuff all week long. It really catches up to you.

Every type of cheese known to man
(all in great quantities),
and they call me the chinese super buffet nightmare.

Applesauce (postworkout)
Pretty basic stuff, I use alot of different spices to keep from going insane

Here is a pretty good recipie:

Mix a little bit of chicken buillion powder (or like half a cube) and a little bit of tumeric together with some plain yogurt. Add a boiled chopped up chicken breast.

It is pretty good that way or you can add an egg, mix and slowly (otherwise the yogurt curdles and it tastes fucking nasty) bring to a boil