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Staple Supplements For On Cycle Support?

Hey, I’m not really taking anything but rather I’m interested in creating a supplement company,


I’ve seen a lot of money can be made from capping powders such as TUDCA/Taurine/Berry Extract etc…

Since I’m not too sure about what you guys think would be a kick ass supplement if you could name a few and the dose you take thag would be a massive help.


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Just use buzzwords and Instagram shots. Give people cornstarch tablets and call it a carbo-pump CBD megablast.

Load it with some caffeine so that they “feel” something.


I would but I want transparency tbh.

You should probably figure out basic diet and nutrition before trying to formulate a supplement, or you can always hire a formulator.

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Supplement blends like this are taken to protect against the harmful effects of PED’s. As such, I think you may struggle to find business as I imagine not everyone would feel comfortable putting their health in the hands of an unknown supplement brand.

Although I don’t intend on running a cycle of anything any time soon - I quite like such supplement blends as I think they can be useful for general male health.

I imagine people would pay good money for a supplement containing something like TUDCA (liver), allicillin (cholesterol), L-DOPA (prolactin), Taurine (cramps), Saw Palmetto (prostate)… in doses that are traceable to what has been used in human trials, is 3rd party batch tested and produced/sold by a reputable supplier.

Edit: A time release formula to reduce dosing frequency would be cool too. Nobody wants to walk around rattling everywhere.

Has Biotest ever made such a product?

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I’ll look into that I was planning on doing Tudca along with some other things, I was planning on mainly selling protein supplements, pre workouts and other things.

Have you considered getting a more realistic job and maybe an education? Maybe you won’t be so threatened when other men talk to each other around your girlfriend then.

Are we still talking about this, it seems like you’ve taken it really personal.

You shared racist feelings about people of my race and violent fantasies about assaulting them, I think that’s pretty personal.

You also never told me what word they said that bothered you so much. But that makes sense since you don’t actually understand their language.

Quote this, and what race.

Quote this.

And I’ve told you… if a white woman wears a skirt in my area she is called a gora slag which means “white slag”

And this is just classic… this was months ago and every thread I’ve made you’ve jumped on and called me a racist whether it be about nutrition or a supplement company.

I’m becoming a bricklayer and thought I’d try start a buisness on the side anything wrong with that.

Anyway quote these violent fantasies I have because I’m pretty sure if I had done that I’d be no longer on this forum.

I’ve tried to ask what race and what language in other threads, but you always sidestepped it. This is the first time you told me what word bothered you so much, so it’s clear what “certain” people you’re talking about. I guess it wouldn’t be as bad if a white dude objectified your girl and called her a bitch/slag. It sounds like you’re more excited about the opportunity to beat up some brown dudes in the guise of “defending m’ladies honour”

Just for clarity, do you think these “certain” people happen to objectify women, or are you assuming they objectify women because they’re “certain” people?

Also: :lol:

And some wise words regarding this situation:

It would be the complete same.

Also let’s have a look at these “Violent Fantasies”

You’ve taken this as “I will bash their head in”, by the way it is wrote you should be able to tell it’s sarcasm.

This right here was my solution to all this, not decking everyone lol.

What I’ve gathered from this is that you are an SJW that is easily triggered.

How does any of this make me an “SJW”? What social justices am I being a warrior for? An SJW would be mad about your girl being looked at by men, and called it catcalling even if they said “Hello”.

This is probably what your post would more like if race were not a factor:

I’m more concerned about defending others rather than me, _emphasized text_my area is full of people that see women as a peice of meat _emphasized text__emphasized text_so if someone says something I have to defend m’ladies honour, nobody has they only do it when she is alone call emphasized text_her a bitch_emphasized text. I’m going to save to move out and take her with me as I have a job now.

But anyways, at least I’m employed and educated tho, broke boy :peace_symbol:

If you’re going to make this a cock measuring co test I’m 19 “broke” and deadlift 440lbx1 no straps just a belt, You do what like 435 with straps and I’m guessing you’ve been training longer than my 2 years… but yeah I know nothing.

Because you sit here on the forums based on something I’ve said months ago you call me a racist you said “what race” instantly… who said I was talking about a race… also then you went on to say “my race” I still have no clue what fucking race you are talking about I’m Caucasian by the way if you couldn’t tell lol.

I’m sure I’d be lifting and training more if I collected public assistance and didn’t have to worry about working like you. But if you wanna make it about lifting, I’m prolly squatting and benching more than you.

You went to excessive detail that these guys were from another race in that they were different from you and spoke a different language than you. If that part didn’t bother you that much I’m sure you woulda left it out.

This in Personal Training is what we call a barrier… firstly I did a 12 week plan while working in a warehouse and unloading truck containers.

And many weeks later you’re still talking about it, you also twist it to make it seem like I had some sort of mein kampf monologue.

Also the last time you posted about benching you said 216lbx6 that in exrx’s 1rm calculator = 249lb

My max is 115kg (253lb) and I did that with ease lol.

My max on the squat is 180kg (396lb).

Not sure what your “barrier” is. Gyms hire anyone.

I hit 285 over the summer at a decent bar speed, with 260 being the mode for my everyday minimum, and paused 375x2 on squat lately - 1RM is 395 so we’re on the same page tho.

I’m talking still about what you wrote because I think it makes you a piece of shit clearly concerned about the wrong stuff.

Your concern seems to be only my threads.

They won’t hire someone fresh out of college that’s currently doing bricklaying 3 days per week.

I hesitate to jump in here because this is none of my business, but I don’t like being a bystander to these types of events. I don’t understand why arguments, debates and whatnot have to take such an uncivilized turn to each individual coming up with more and more insults to hurl back and fourth at each other. It isn’t productive, it makes the people being insulted feel shitty and further escalation can lead to keyboard warrior firefights. I’m not going to take the high road here but if you look at some of the previous conversations in which people have insulted me (my intellect being insulted, soulfighter accusing me of being a pedophile, being told to fuck off or that my advice is irrelevant/ unhelpful due to my age) I veeerrry rarely respond aggressively with an insulting demeanor or sarcastic response. I tend to behave civilized with restraint and portray my views/ opinions while adknowledging that the other party is agitated, therefore treading carefully to not spark a huge flaming or barrage of insults. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work, some people either don’t care about hurting other peoples feelings or just don’t think about it, a small minority might just be assholes though. This kind of behaviour on the forum (yea I know it’s a weightlifting forum full of macho men and whatnot) shouldn’t be ignored, it needs to be addressed for us to properly be a cohort/ community of anonymous lifters, as we All have the same thing in common… We like working out. Insulting each other’s lifting stats, income etc is childish and behavior that I would expect to see out of someone my age (17-18), not out of an adult or a 19 y/O, seriously guys put aside you’re differences and just get along, it pains me to see such arguments on here. I’m not saying I’m better in any respect (taking a high road) but I do think if these kinds of arguments could be mitigated it would be good for the overall community. Respectful debates/ civilized arguements are fine, but there’s a clear line that is frequently crossed when people start insulting each other

For cycle support, you’re looking at supps aimed at people using PED’s, educate yourself on anabolic steroids and other PED’s (pharmacology, actions of the drugs, mechanisms, side effects, side effect prevention and more) before coming out with a supplement. If you wish I can help you out, however don’t expect to be spoonfed advice, I don’t have the time to give you a comprehensive understanding of performance enhancing drugs (in December, January and February I can though) however I can give you the base knowledge needed to start you’re research, but I’m no expert. You’d be better off speaking to a person with more credentials and experience … And for the love of God don’t start taking PED’s with a perfectly functioning endocrine system at age 19 no matter how much you know lol.

Me either, whenever I post something I get called all sorts of shit just due to my past posts, I was 16 when I joined this forum and I’m 19 now…

I get people that say “Based on your physique in your picture”, When I had like 13lb less muscle, I ask for critiques to my physique, people insult me when all I want is good constructive criticism,

One person actually said “You need to improve on your lats” that is exactly what I did and I thank him for being constructive rather than saying “Your shit” etc.

That’s messed up, 4 threads I think he has jumped on and called me a racist it’s getting stupid I feel like just making a new account.

You know I do try with him I do try to just have a normal convosation when I was asking about my 4000 Calorie IF he just jumps on the same time he is giving me abuse on here and starts to dig.

Yeah I was seeing if I was missing anything I just wanted the staple supplements like NAC, Taurine, Milk Thistle, Tudca and Berry Extract

I only ask this because in the UK there’s kinda a gap in the market they make like hundreds of percentage in markup I can buy from a real lab in China dirt cheap get some expensive scales and start capping up lol.

I’m not saying I’m mr perfect either I do admit to sarcastic responses but fuck him he’s an adult arguing with a 19 year old telling me I know fuck all when I squat more and deadlift more at 180lb, I’m sick of people giving me non stop shit on this forum, When I joined it was a nice place but now I get nothing but abuse when I post…

I only wrote something about my country not one person from the UK disagreed with me and I just said I wanted to get big as possible for protection…

Larry Wheels did the same thing, is he a fucking idiot?, would you call him an idiot?, no.

^ That wasn’t directed at you that was rhetorical for everyone giving me abuse.