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Staph Infection at BJJ

Hi friends,

Three days ago I got a massive boil on my leg and I was concerned so I went to the Dr. He made an incision, drained it, packed it and gave me some antibiotics. Says it’s probably staph from bjj, although I’ll find out for sure in a few days time as he took a swab. 3 days later, the packing has been removed and now I have a small bandage over the incision. Just today the whole area around the incision became red and warm, so it still must be fighting the infection. Going to have to keep a close eye on it. If it gets any more angry I will probably be off to the hospital.

Was wondering what I could do to prevent this from happening again? Do rashes make any difference? I know it’s best to shower straight after class, but often by the time I get home it has been 30 minutes before I can shower.

I read in another thread of moisturiser with antibiotics in it? Anybody use this?


Have the gym wipe down the mats with bleach water every day. We had to do that in wrestling to mitigate ringworm.


Staph is scary stuff man I hope you recover well.

The only measures I take are what you already know. Shower ASAP and work on mats that are cleaned daily. I’ve also been told to stay off the mats if you’ve got any open wounds, or tape the shit out of them if you do.


Rash guard/spats, shower before and after class, Defense soap or equivalent, wash your gi/rash guard promptly after every session with anti-bacterial/anti-fungal detergent.


Has it been proven that rash guards help with preventing infections?

We get so sweaty in class, I don’t see how it would help.


Rashguards limit the amount of skin to skin contact. At our academy, rashguards are required under the gi, as well. I haven’t trained no gi in years, but when I did, I always wore a long sleeve rash guard.


Hi Bird,

Scary. It sounds like you’re on the up side now. I hope you heal up well and are soon back on your game.

Let us know how things go.


Hey PowderPuff,

How are you doing? How is your training going?

I think the antibiotics are working. There is a lot less swelling around the area, although there is still an open wound which will probably take another week to heal over. Whenever I can’t train I get frustrated and grumpy, and this weekend I was feeling sorry for myself so I just ate a lot.

Going to take this time away from training to recoup and reassess things. Also thinking about trying out the carbNite way of eating. I will be starting up a new training log soon so keep your eyes peeled.


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Same. I just got over a mild case of ringworm that kept me out of the gym for two weeks. I hated life.

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I’m good, Bird. Just one case of the flu away from my dream bod. wink. Thanks for asking.

I injured my shoulder last spring practicing Snatch, and it’s been a long road back but I’m doing really well now. Working on strength goals at the moment, hoping for some very, very minor master’s level glory with my bench press this spring. Maybe. Haha.

Will do. Take care of yourself, Bird. Rest is good.

Ugh! I hadn’t considered that until @Basement_Gainz mentioned the risk of ringworm with wrestling. Made me think of the time one of my girls brought home head lice from elementary school. I was itchy from imaginary lice for days! If you guys haven’t experienced kids with lice, it’s a TON of work. Anyway, ringworm or head lice. File this under things you NEVER thought you’d get as an adult!


Staph sucks. I first got it at Basic Training where it was extremely common.

I got it again at BJJ at a later date.

No matter what you do to keep yourself clean or the school does to keep the mats clean, if you have some nasty training partners you are at risk. At Basic there were some disgusting soldiers who wouldn’t shower regularly or clean their clothes. There was one guy who somehow managed to avoid taking a shower the whole time he was there (and this was OSUT so it was longer than just Basic). The same at BJJ; I won’t roll with anyone who looks like Pigpen and smells like ass.


I try not to judge, but there a few dodgy characters at the dojo.
A few that smell of cigarette smoke, and few younger guys who have yet to learn the importance of general hygiene.

Apparently at class last night, our sensei gave everyone a lecture on hygiene and discussed the fact that the incidence of skin infection has double over the past 3 months or so.


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