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Stanozolol, Worth the Time?

What does this stuff do? Is it worth your time? Cutting/Bulking? My boy wants to try it and I wanted to let hime know if it’s good to go or not. Thanx.

Well tell your boy that without the proper research it WILL NOT be worth the time.


AHence the reason why I asked. To “resaerch” and maybe get some HELPFUL responses.

I think he was implying you should research Stanozolol yourself by using books and the search function on this site. Would you inject something that someone told you was ok for you but you’d done no reading yourself to know it’s possible side effects? Anavar made a great thread about various injectables through his experience with them. Cy Willson has also written quite a few articles.

You never mentioned anything about your goals, age, years training, or stats either. Most of the experienced people’s articles I’ve read only respond to someone who has done their background research and put somet thought into a cycle.

On a sidenote: I hope your friend’s reason for inquiring about the stanozolol isn’t because of Palmeiro.

whether a steroid is worth the time r not has an a huge amount to do with what you can put into it. yes winny is a good chemical for certain times and uses, however if you have no idea what your doing you will be worse off then doing no chemicals and training hard.

Everyone wants to be told exactly what to do and how much to use and such. that doesn’t work, do your own research, not trying to be a dick but you have to know what your doing. you jump in the deep end without knowing how to swim or whats in the water and your gonna have some big problems.


AHHH I see. We are definetly rookies. You are right. Alot of guys want to be told exactly what to do, how and when. He wants to get slim fast and keep his gains, without the hassle of gyno and acne. So Winni is the real deal huh?

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What do you know about Clenbuterol? From what I understand it is the fastest, best, most potent fat-fighter on the market. Would you suggest I take it?

Yeah he’s a baseball freak so he wanted to try it basically because Palmiero did.

use the search function on this site…or try googling your keywords, there are a lot of places to find out what is worth doing and how to do it.

better yet, go to warhorses newby thread just a couple of catagories down.

[quote]garland_havisham wrote:
What do you know about Clenbuterol? From what I understand it is the fastest, best, most potent fat-fighter on the market. Would you suggest I take it?[/quote]

There are much more potent fat burners available like GH, T-3, DNP etc. Clen is a powerful thermogenic agent that also has a strong anti-catabolic effect, it is a very useful product when used in a properley structured protocol. SB>

What exactly is T-3? GH is way too expensive for my budget…unless you got the hook-up on all of these…LOL

Uh, yeah… I wouldn’t be recommending DNP, T-3, or even GH to anyone with the level of understanding Mr. Garland has.

You can straight up kick the bucket on DNP, T-3 can seriously fuck up your thyroid output, Clen isn’t a joke when it comes to the risks, and GH isn’t really for beginners.

How about stop eating like a slob and hit the gym like you mean it. Using these compounds to expedite fat loss will only be a short term solution if you don’t have your diet in check for the long term. It really can’t get any more simple than that.


WOW this guy sounds as if he knows me or something…the reason why I ask questions on here is to gain knowledge. I didn’t have the luxury of living with Mom and Dad while they supported me so I could go to the gym all day long. I work, so I dont have the time or low intelligence required to live in a gym and have no other life. I simply asked a question. I’m not looking for the quick fix, just knowledge . I understand it takes long , hard work to achieve my goals. So the last thing I care about is the opinion of some ignorant meat-head who is trying to over-compensate for his lack of balls, or pending issues from being molested by his Dad. SO watch what you say udickquitous about someone you dont know. P E A C E…

slow down buddy, the fact of the matter is that you are asking lots of questions and trying to get everyone else to do the legwork for you! thats generally frowned upon around here.

there is a search function on this website…use it. if you have the time to post all these questions, then you definately have the time to do some of you OWN research.

there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking questions! but asking such generalized, and obviously uninformed questions tends to piss off the vets on here who actually took the time to learn about AAS without having someone else go out and do it all for them.

if you have a real question, it should be presented like you have actually read up on the subject, have a basic understanding, and just need some insights or clarification from experienced users.

my 2cc’s…take it or leave it.

I understand now. My fault. If I ever achieve “VET” status, I’ll be sure to remmeber when I was a rookie and help out the young Jedi’s instead of talking down to them like my shit don’t stink. Thanks for the schooling. I was wondering why everyone on here had an attitude. I see now. Sorry. Later.

Awww… man… I inadvertently got someone all riled up. My apologies…

I was actually doing you a service by stating the problems with using the compounds people are talking about on this thread. It was not my intention to insinuate personal attacks. You want to lose fat, so I said don’t eat like a slob. This obviously struck a chord huh?

What I said about your level of understanding was brought on by you stating you are a beginner.

Wow, you must have had it tough… working a real job and trying to fit in training? Man, all of us who keep in shape had to quit our tough jobs. Your level of commitment and motivation truly inspires me.

The rest of your insults… Do yourself a favor my friend… one favor. Try to refrain from talking tough on a forum. It does little for yourself other than coming off as a complete retard who is a little too thin skinned for this type of “research”.

(and love to you Mr. Garland)

Alright,Alright you got me. I’m stressed out because I’m not seeing the results I want to. And my diet is FAR from perfect. I can imagine how annoying it is for you all to have lazy rookies expecting you to guide them to greatness and now I really do understand. My previous reply made me look ridiculous at best. I dont wanna step on anyones feet. You are right Ubiquitous and accept my apologies. Talking tough in a forum is stupid I know. I appreciate your advice. I’m done wasting your time on here. I am just going to enjoy my slcie of humble pie while I start some homework here.

Humbled and out-classed,

Mr. Garland

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