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Stanozolol Pills


I just received a good amount of 50mg gear in pill form. But, due to the half-life of oral meds I wanted to convert it. I have made tren and TP before. So home brewing is nothing new to me. Is there a safe way to convert the pills to liquid form for another route dosing?


The half life wont change if you make it into liquid form.

And you should be more specific. Do you want to make it liquid for oral use?


I was hoping to make it injectable. I make my own gear now and have BB, BA and other things on hand. But, don't know if it's possible to break the pills down in to injectable form to avoid the half-life of oral.


I think youre a bit confused about half lives.

The oral or injectable form of any drug is not what dictates the half of the drug. The ester dictates the half life.

Winstrol is not esterified.

I am almost certain that both oil based injectible winstrol and water based injectible winstrol (also possible to drink this) have the same 'half-life' as oral pill form winstrol.


ED-EOD dosing is recommended.

Now to answer your actual question. I have no idea how to convert winstrol pills into injectible. I dont think it makes sense to try though.


Bonez is right. Hard to believe that you make your own gear because it doesn't sound like you know the chemistry at all. The halflife is the halflife; unless you are going to actually do something to the compound (by reacting it), oral versions simply have to pass through the liver in the beginning. Again, doubtful that you are reacting the compound so that you can administer it through a syringe.

You're best to take them by mouth.


When I went to school for my paramedic we covered that oral meds past thru the liver first thus taking its first cut of the drug before it went to the rest of the body. The example is you take 400mg of any med taken per oral. The liver will take 50% of the dose and that was known as the biological half-life and it would repeat until the drug would be gone.
So I maybe going wrong on with this, with my understanding of half-life because it hormones and not syntactic drug like we mostly use on an ambulance.
Also everything Iâ??ve read on oral winny states that the injectable is far better. So I was really hoping to find away to break the pills down. But, everywhere Iâ??ve checked online and the couple of guys I know that brew their own gear have turned up nothing.
The search continues. Thanx for your reply


Sorry, also the half-life depends on the drug. But, the same procress above would still take place.


Hmmm, well, its my understanding 'half-life' (regarding medicine) is simply the amount of time it takes for half the amount of medicine to be present in the body after peaking. So, lets say you take 50mgs winny, due to its methylation it does damage the liver and you lose a little bit of the dosage, so after 90 minutes lets say you have approximately 40mgs in your bloodstream. If the halflife is 8 hours, then around 8.5 hours after swallowing the pill you will have 20mgs in your bloodstream...

I am pretty sure you didn't need this 'education' but I wanted to throw it out anyways. Also, it is my understanding that regarding AAS, with oral steroids (that are methylated) you are not going to lose 50% right off the top via the liver 'taking it' or destroying it. That is the whole reason why it is hard on your liver and why the steroid is methylated; to survive 'first pass' hepatic metabolization allowing the steroid molecule to survive and make it intact to your muscles, androgen receptors, blood stream, whatevers.


You're confusing the first-pass effect with half-life.