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Stanoil 100 / 25mg - Dosage

Hey guys. Long time reader - first time poster. I recently purchased the following gear: Test E 250 and Stanoil 100. I got it from a local source and don’t have any questions that the gear is g2g. However, I have been scouring every possible source I can find to see what the proper dosage is for the Stanoil. All I have been able to find is that it has a longer half life than Stanozolol and so you should able to inject less frequently (every 4 or 5 days rather than ED or EOD). Also, it is oil based so no drinking.

Has any one had any experience with this product? Any suggestions on dosage? I plan on running the Test e for 12 weeks at 500/wk and then inserting the Stanoil in on week 5 for the remainder of the cycle.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Lots of bad reviews about this. Most people will only use water based winny. I believe you have to shoot it EOD. They are going to hurt like hell. Warm up the oil beforehand under running water.

Thanks HG. I have heard the same about the Apex version of Stanoil, but have heard that the BD clone version is not as harsh. Have you used it before?

You’re right, it was the Apex. I have only used winny tabs before, never injectable. Winny is real hit or miss with people. I liked it when I ran it with prop. It hardened me up pretty nicely and I loved the energy/stamina during my workouts. My joints did take quite a beating though. Have fun.