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Stanko Chanko

I just happened to come across this site looking for some help with my training and nutrition. I’m 23 yrs old 6’1 215 with 10% bf and I play football. I’m looking to bulk up a little more in this off season to be a bit more effective as a runningback. I’m interested in the chanko diet as a cost effective way for me to do this. Let me know what you guys think about this in regards to my training goals. I’d also like to find out how to create a T cell, or if one already exists here in Chicago, because I’d like to have coach davies here so that I can learn more about renegade training without having to take a cross country trip.

The best thing you can do is to simply try it out. I know TC had fantastic success with it.

I’m going to agree with Ike. I think you should just try it. Based on what you’ve said, as long as you are bumping calories up and doing it with good foods, you should start to see some LBM gain assuming you are training hard.