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standing up (in front of dumb big guys)

I have to learn to stand up for myself.

I was doing deadlifts, 5x5,
and this big guy comes to me and says that I shouldn’t go that heavy and deadlifts are the most dangerous exercice for my lower back. another one would be squats.

And I told him
-mkay, thanks for the advice.

I only have been training for one year, I was a fat kid, got my shit togheter, ended up looking like a cancer patient, started reading about nutrition and in one year I lost 25 lbs and gained 15 of muscle. I don’t think that’s so bad.

But I can’t stand up for myself, especially in front of big guys, even if they say “don’t do squats”

(hope he doesn’t read this)

next time just say" Uhmm I do not remember asking for your advice." Or my favorite “shut the fuck up”.

 1. Give him 'the stare'

 2. If I wanted your advice I'd personally ask for it.

You did fine .There’s no need to be a butthead,later maybe but not now.

Come on. Beg, borrow or steal a set of fuctioning nads.

Do your own research, draw your own conclusions. If I had listened to detractors along my path I would have never lifted any weights because it was all “too dangerous” and “a waste of time”.

I always tell timid people like you “Fuck what other people think” - who cares – seriously? Quit living your life to please people that aren’t even your friends. Decide what’s important to you and go for it.

Louie Simmons once said that any exercise that is totally safe is a total waste of time. Enough said.

I believe you did fine also. What did you have in mind? Did you wanna beat him? There was no real “standing up” in that position.