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Standing Up Between Reps On The Deadlift


If you stand up between reps while deadlifting, is there a set amount of time past which it's not considered to be in the same set?

Edit: By "set amount of time," I'm not referring to some arbitrary threshold, I'm talking about an amount of time that kind of foils the legitimacy of the lift. In other words, what's a reasonable time frame between reps?


19.27645 seconds


Of course. Why didn't I realize that before?


Personally, on big PR. I will at the least reps have 3 big breath between reps.

Either squat dead bench whatever.

Count or not in the "Weightlifting code" I count it.


Thanks for the feedback. Today, I pulled a PR, and I took ~15 seconds between reps. I feel that it's reasonable.


Yeah that's pretty reasonable. No exact answer though. Some people will pull 80-90% 1RM every 30 seconds for maybe 10-15 reps...I wouldn't call that one set...more importantly, if whatever you're doing is helping you to keep get stronger over time, it's all good. Don't obsess over the details too much man.


If you rest longer than 1.5 seconds youre a total noob. fucking pussies, i pull 1000 raw for repz bitches


Anywho, what you said, the 15 seconds, is pretty legit. I honestly try to rest as little as possible between reps, but when needed you bet your ass, im gonna regroup on the floor.


Personally, if you did say 5 reps, and stood longer than it takes to get one deep breath, I'd count them as 5 seperate 1 rep sets. If I'm doing multiple reps, I always do them one after another. Who cares what people consider it though, if it's working for you, that's the most important thing.


How are people here doing their deadlifts for reps on 5/3/1? Standing up and reseting, or just doing touch and go?


Deadstop for sure. But your question will lead to the same debate as pause or not bench in training.

Deadlift touch'n'go can be misleading toward higher weights ...


I reset for the pull, but never stand back up. I pull similarly to the way Misha Koklyaev pulls.

And I never really spend more than ~5 sec. Personally, I feel that 15 sec between every rep is quite a stretch... but like another poster said, whatever is allowing you to get stronger, keep at it.


It's a guesstimate; I have no actual way of knowing without filming it. It's usually only on heavy triples and doubles, too.


Its in your head man. Just pull the weight. You are inturrupting the relationship between time and tension when you let go of the bar. So say you get 405 for 3 reps with breaks inbetween. You have effectively developed enough force to pull 405 3 times. That doesnt mean you can develop enough force to pull 410 or more once.

Plus, it is harder to get more reps under a constant tension for a reason. Don't take the easy way out. Just my opinion.


What I find is that I can get a lot more reps if I touch & go than if I reset. Since, when reseting, the weight is always dead, I get tired faster. If I keep the weight on my hands, I can just pull a lot easier, as long as my grip doesn't fail. I like it, as I find that the extra reps and TUT must help me pack some beef. As a skinny guy, I need it.


Well what is your reason for waiting so long between reps? You really only need to allow the weight to go dead again and grab some breaths. I can't help but feel that waiting so long is an attempt at an easy way out.


I do it to reset my footing. The bar tends to roll too far away in the middle of the set, and standing is the only way that I feel that I can adjust my feet accurately. I try to spend as little time up there as possible, though.


It shouldn't take you 15 seconds to reset even when you re-adjust your feet. If you want to take that long between reps that's fine, just realize that the relationship between what you can pull for "reps" and your 1RM is going to be skewed. For instance someone else who can pull 405x3 with essentially no rest between reps will likley have a higher 1RM than someone pulling 405x3 with 15 seconds between reps.


Like I said, it's a guesstimate. I don't exactly have an accurate perception of time in the middle of a heavy set. The ~15 sec figure also takes into account the time that I take to grip and dip (which I know shouldn't take long at all, but I hook grip, so things have to be a little more precise). But, regardless of how much time it actually was, I'm going to make sure I spend as little time as possible between reps on my next deadlift workout. Thanks for the input, man.


I think the answer also depends on the lift. I realize the OP was asking about deads, but when I do my widowmaker squats I figure that as long as I'm standing there holding the weight it doesn't matter how many breaths I have to take between reps at the end, as it's not really resting.

When I do my 5/3/1 deadlift set on week 3, I find that I can do the 5 and 3 sets with just enough pause between reps to make sure my back is still properly arched before each lift. However, on the max set I find that if I wait 5-10 seconds I can get one more rep in than if I just do them flat out, and since I'm usually only doing 2-3 of them that extra rep seems really important.

I do the deads in my garage, which has a natural slope towards the open door. Consequently I made some plywood pads that have a small raised lip on the downhill side. This way I am not dropping the weights on raw concrete each time, and they naturally roll forward just a little between reps without heading straight out the door and into my neighbor's driveway :wink:

As the other posters have said, I'm all in favor of whatever makes you stronger. If you're waiting a consistent amount of time between reps, you can compare your lifts in one session to those in another, even if you cannot necessarily compare them to what you could do with no rest at all.


Max Charles, is that you?