Standing Up at Desk at Work

I just started a job and I’m in a cubicle. The guy who occupied the cubicle before me had the computer raised so he could stand while working. Although my coworkers advised me I could lower it if I wanted (duh), I decided to give it a shot because I know sitting all day is bad for your health, especially since I’m seemingly never on my feet unless I’m working out - 2 hours a day in my truck, at work (well, now I’m standing), at home reading or on the computer.

I was wondering if anyone else did this or had any thoughts. I notice I’m usually resting on a hip rather than standing up straight - am I setting myself up for an injury later doing that?

Thanks, I’ll hang up and listen


You reminded me of this article, hope this helps.

i’d love that i often try to kneel but recently going through surgery doesn’t help

Get a swiss ball to sit on.
You can do sit-ups at work.
8 pack?

I work as a roofing estimator and spend most of my time measuring blue prints. I used to measure them bent over sitting at my desk and I ended up with a crap load of lower back problems. My boss put a drafting table in my office that I adjusted so I can work standing up when I measure. This has made a world of difference and helped my back immensely. I’d stay standing up if I were you. It would be great if you could set it up to easily change between sitting and standing if you wanted to.

It always makes me laugh when people bang on about deadlifting and whatnot being bad for your back when the worst thing is spending your day sitting on your ass. Your body isn’t designed to do that for long periods of time.

I work standing at a desk. Its awesome. Since I switched to a standing desk, my back feels fantastic at the end of the day. If you post up on one hip more than the other, I dont think it makes too much of a difference.

I stand at work about 7 hour a day (1 hour break sitting, I don’t work full time). My lower back would get sore for the first 2 months now it’s a thing of the past. Yes I lean on things here and there, only thing to really think of getting is a good pair of shoes/insoles. I hate the feeling of tired feet.