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Standing Tilted, One Side Fatter Than the Other!


So to preface, I've lost 25 pounds in the last three and a half months on CKD, 2-3 days of cardio and every 8 days, a light carb load and weights. I realize that I can't spot-reduce, but I've noticed a huge problem that I would like to correct ASAP.

When I stand "straight" my torso is actually tilted to the left. My hips and butt and knees are even, but above my hips, everything tilts to the left. To make matters WORSE, the fat rolls on my RIGHT side (the side I lean away from) are much more pronounced. When I straighten my torso, I look EXTREMELY lopsided, don't have a crease on my left side and have a deep roll on my right.

What is causing this? Is the fat asymmetry just from tilting, or do I tilt because of the fat asymmetry? What kind of exercises can I do to try and fix this?

I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask. Everywhere I look seems to be about scoliosis or tilted hips, not simply just leaning one way.


Go to a chiropractor if you haven't. Don't take any advice from people (exercise wise or even what it is) on here until you have it looked at by a professional that practices in this field.


^^ x2




Why exactly is it common knowledge that she should see a chiropractor? I'd rather take advice from someone in orthopedic surgery than someone who split their "medical training" between unproved theories and sales techniques.


My budget's pretty tight, and I'd prefer not to spend ~$60 to have someone tell me "It's because you carry your purse on your right shoulder," and from my friend's experience with chiropractors, the only solutions they offer are monthly, pricey visits or surgery.

BUT! Sigh. If that is the unanimous advice, I guess I have to take it.


You've clearly got some postural issues going on, but as chitown34 suggested, a chiropractor may not be the answer. Do you carry your purse on your right shoulder? Lots of women have serious postural problems because of heavy purses carried on the same shoulder all the time. A great deal of posture (assuming there is no spinal deformity going on) is habit more than anything, as you let your posture slip the muscles which normally keep everything nice and tight don't do their job and shorten/lengthen inappropriately.

You need someone to assess your back posture. This could be anyone from a knowledgable primary care doc to an orthopedist or yes, a chiro. If you have a primary care doc that you trust I would talk to them and ask for a referal, they may send you to an ortho, a pt or a chiro depending on their own preferences etc. From experience I can tell you to always seek these kind of professionals based on a personal recommendation. There is a lot of BS out there in the world of back health.


I say lose a lil bit more weight first might not be nothing at all if you still see the lean after 10 - 20 lbs then seek medical advice.


My advice, screw the chiropractor and and find yourself a good hands on osteopath or of course allopath that is familiar with how to do a good structural exam. (talk to the people in your community, your insurance if you have it will probably cover it as well), and as for waiting, Ignore that too, although this may already be a chronic problem it will become one by the time you lose 10 -20 pounds. An orthopedist could be a possibility but they might lean towards surgery and that is something you would probably want to wait on. This could be caused by any number of things, hip problems, leg length issues, or even something as simple as poor posture. Is there any pain (leg, thigh, back, neck, headaches ect?). How long have you noticed the problem, ie years, after a pregnancy, after an injury ect? I'm a second year medical student, so I do at least of some idea of what I'm talking about.


Yes, it is a hit and miss with chiropractor in how they preform their practice. I think I made it to obvious to just go see a chiropractor ONLY. Just try to see someone that can look at you hands on and not from a simple picture taken of the posterior. You already have a SECOND YEAR medical student trying to diagnose online.


Ok fine. Go see a GOOD chiropractor.


I think I made it pretty clear that she should go see someone regarding the problem, though I disagreed as to a chiropractor being the right decision. The questions were more to get her thinking for when she shows up.


Fair enough.


I don't think the "fat lopsidedness" is a problem, it may not even really exist.

You should get some assistance to take care of the "lean", but the fat will take care of itself as you lose more of it.