standing press

What would everyone consider strong poundage for the standing press. Not a push press or jerk, but a standing military press, barbell and dumbell. I just started doing these again with a barbell, when I used to do jerks. These are hard. I think this should be the question people ask instead of, what’cha bench? what’cha standing press. anyway, what do you all think? I read an article by bill starr and he was saying the cleaning a pair of 100lb db’s and pressing was a classic measure of strength. What about barbells?

There’s a thing on Brooks Kubik’s site that has Harry Paschall’s ratings of strength for a 165lb-er. Moderately strong: 165 pounds, Strong: 200 pounds, Super strong: 225 pounds, “Super Dreadnaught or Hero”: 275 pounds. I think that might be for an olympic press though which isn’t as strict as a military press. Still pretty huge weights though, it just shows you how today’s lifters really sell themselves short when it comes to overhead lifting (grip is another area). How many guys at any given gym can lift 275 overhead at any bodyweight? Sig Klein said that 75’s for 12 in the clean & press (12 cleans & 12 presses) is a good goal for a 150lb guy.

good question. I seem to be the only person at my gym who does the standing press.I’ve also worked out at other gyms while travelling and haven’t seen anybody doing it. But I remember watching the World’s Strongest Man competition where they had to lift 275 lbs. from the ground to overhead for reps. Some guys were using very little momentum and still managed 10 reps. Also, Brian Urlacher won the overhead press at the Superstars with a 295 overhead lift. Warren Sapp won the year before that with 315…

225lbs is a good starting point.