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Standing for Long Periods Kills Low Back

I squat deep with 2x my bw, DL a little more, push press my bw, sprint, etc etc

yet I cant stand around for too long or my low back gets tight and then fatigues. Concerts, bar hopping, footbal tailgating, it happens quite often. some kind of lordosis maybe?

Here is a quick session i did to put an audition tape together in 20 mins to show form on 90% of PR poundages

If I can do all that why can i not stand around for extended periods? I think its a pelvic tilt thing but thats just a guess.

I think this issue is also why I feel more comfortable benching with my feet up, as much as that is ridiculed.

Any ideas? Mike Robertson? Bueller?

if you experience pain on standing… why not take a vid of you standing??


[quote]alexus wrote:
if you experience pain on standing… why not take a vid of you standing??


To answer a nonserious question seriously, I just wanted to pre-empt any “post a vid of your mobility” stuff.

it wasn’t a nonserious question (sorry about the double negative)


it was a serious question.

it is kinda like saying ‘i have trouble pressing out my arms’ then posting a vid of you curling your toes, yeah.

if you have pain with standing posture then post a vid of your standing posture. preferably when you are pained from it.

then we can see what if anything is out of alignment.

am i still sounding like i’m kidding??

haha ok, I get you, but to be fair this was the only video I had lying around and I think its a little more relevant than your example of toe curling. The follow up to everything in this post contreras world seems to be “can you squat deep? are your glutes firing?”. Also seems like a video of standing would be weird, and almost more of a pic, but Ill put one together.