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Standing Concentration Curls Variation?


What do you think about this variation of standing concentration curl? I am thinking of adding it to my routine. Currently i am doing Incline offset db curls(two variations of it) and pinwheel curl/incline hammer curl.
Here it is:


I don't do that exact move, and i'm sitting on only 16s so take what you will but...

I started doing something similar recently. Bent over, supported with one hand at a time.

Except i tuck my elbow to my waist and curl up to touch my clavicle, instead of curling cross-body. It works good, in that I can feel all bicep. I prefer this to standing db curl (for now at least) as I have a history of messed-up shoulders and at heavier weights I would start to get pain in the Bi-tendon sort of area from regular standing DB curls. You can use a shitload of weight for this bentover curl as well.


Yes i know what kind you mean, i sometimes do that variation as well, i put my hand like in the video but curl forward instead of cross. It feels like a spider curl,the stretch is extreme,the hammer variant is also good.


Bump. I really like this exercise as the pump and activation of biceps seem to be alot but i want do know what other experienced members here think about it.