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Standing Cable Crunches

Will anyone please tell me how to correctly do Standing Cable crunches?

Or a link would be awesome.

Can’t seem to find them on the Search.


Pull Down Abs: Begin by placing a rope or leather tricep handle on the lat pulldown machine. face away from the machine and grab the rope behind your head with both hands. Perform the movement in the same motion as a deadlift. Start by pushing your abs out then tighten them as hard as you can. Bend over at the waist until your torso goes below parallel to the floor. Reverse the motion in the same manner.

From elitefts.com. I thought there was apicture with it but obviously I was wrong.

Here is a link to CT’s ab program with pics of him performing a standing cable crunch:


bending at the waist wont do anything, try to imagine a line down the middle of your chest and as youre going down try to constantly touch your chin to that line, that will cause you to use the correct motion

Thanks a lot everyone.

Since someone brought up this topic I had a question about this exercise. I am fairly tall so if I stand directly under the cable attachment I get no resistance at the beggining of the movement. I solved this by taking one or two steps forward to pull the cable tighter. Now that I am getting stronger, I have a new problem. My abs are strong enough to do more weight but the weight pulls me backwards too much when I stand fully upright. To compensate I have been leaning my whole body forward at an angle (picture my whole body straight, but leaning forward about 30 degrees). My worry is that by bracing myself this way, I am not getting the full benefits of the exercises. Is their another way around this?

Try upright on your knees

I’ve considered this but at the time I concluded it was better to do it standing. I will give it a try for my next workout.