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Standing barbell press behind neck

Many different views on this one. It’s really not all that complicated.
If the exercise works for you (with proper form), then by all means stay with it.
If you have difficulty (due to weakness/injury), then by all means stay the hell away from it.
This doesn’t mean that you should go around telling everyone not to do this particular exercise. That is NOT the answer! It’s an individual thang…

I did not want to bring this forum back to life. But I feel that between this and other threads I made lots of enemies. I would like to say in that Demo Dick, DocT and others are correct about BNT press. But remember who we are posting our threads to. Usually newbies and people that are working out for the first time. I have to admit there are “No Contraincated” exercises only a " higher degree of risk". Now as for new traniees I would avoid all “contraincated” exercise just because we don’t know if they are using proper form or not. So personally I would not recommend any btn press for a newbie trainee as for all “VETS” do what works for u!!!

I was going to jump on this thread a while back, but beings that my views differed from the majority, I figured it wasn’t really worth it because someone was going to end up telling me that I was a body-for-life bitch and weigh 160lbs.

Having said that, more people injure or aggrivate their shoulder doing behind the neck presses than while performing any other exercise. Because of this, and the fact that there are many other exercises that are both just as effective (if not more, do to a greater ROM) and safer, I'll never recommend them. There is no point in putting yourself at greater risk if you dont have to.

the boulders of the old days had a strong foundation in the behind the neck press. i dont do them myself, but might in the forseeable future. i really do question though that btn presses cause more shoulder injuries than bench presses.

Skip the behind the neck presses and do them in front or do dumbbell presses. Behind the neck presses are great if done properly but it is far too easy to get injured while doing them.

…you’re a body-for-life bitch and weigh only 160 lbs. …hee hee hee…

Ah, Patricia, you beat me to it!

Where were you guys when I need you? So DocT I was NOT WAY OFF ON THIS!

So many messages here… perhaps somebody already suggested this, but I’ll give my idea.

Just reverse yourself upside down, and then do a completly vertical push-up! If you want to feel it behind the neck, face off the wall and simply lean your feet against it. Keep your hands cole to the wall. If you want to replicate the frontal press, just lean against the wall with your face toward it, and simply do a very-super-highly-inclined push up!!!

I’ve done the behind the neck presses for years and never had a problem…From my understanding from taking kinesiology class, more stress your shoulders-neck area from doing the PULLING movement rathen than the pressing.