Standards for Assessing Your Fitness Level

In your opinion, what are some tried and true measures of fitness? I like to test myself every now and then and see how I measure up(or don’t). I was on another site and they had an article about 10 methods for assessing your fitness level, and it included running 300 yards, touching your toes and lobbing a basketball while kneeling 75 feet. Not exactly what I would think of for this kind of thing, but I’m no expert. Also, some of the numbers they have set to label yourself as “superfit” seem low: bench 1.5 times your weight and do 40 nonstop pushups. Thoughts?

Fitness is sports specific. to what your sport requires. i am a swimmer. i can bang out 10x100 freestyle in under a minute on 1min10 rest but ask me to run a 400 metres and i’m dead. Or bodybuilding. The guys who bodybuild are fit for that BECAUSE THAT IS THEIR GOAL. What sports/activities do you do and then you can set parameters