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Standardized Pricing


Why is there no standardized pricing in the steroid market?

Compared to marijuana, steroid prices fluctuate for the user, more then they do for marijuana.

Ex. A gram of weed in BC Canada is $10. An 1/8th is $30, and so on.

But, a single bottle of Test can range from $60 to $120.

I know as you purchase an ounce, or a pound or more of Marijuana the variation in pricing increases, as it does with the quality of product.

If anyone wants to elaborate please do so.


The ignorance of the buyer is the main reason. And greed is the other.


10$ a gram seems to be pretty standard for weed in Canada.. i've seen $15/g in some more remote places.

wish I could comment on the local price of gear around here, but I go to a pretty commercial gym, and none of the middle aged women on the cardio machines seemed to know what "test enanthate" was..


I see a problem with competitors trying to undercut each other, then the quality of product becomes comprimised to keep up with these lower prices.


For me in Aus it depends on source quality and availability. To get decent shit im paying like $250 AUD for a bottle of 300mg test enanthate :confused:


Holy fuck thats literally 10x my cost per vial...mine is 250mg/ml though


BigSkwatta: You should look into homebrew.

Also when you were saying that you inject only one VG site. I was thinking, that could maybe lead to a muscle imbalance. High volume site injections can strech the fascia and lead to bigger muscles. Frequent injections can cause scar tissue build up which could cause a muscle tear. I suggest you try injecting your left VG while laying down.


Finally hit it yesterday because I was out of spots that weren't sore.

I did it laying down.

Good info though.

And I have considered home brew, but I can get good shit for 25 a vial...


This post made me cry inside lol


I think the obvious thing to do is contact your local senator and complain. After all, we can't have price variation in the steroids black market can we!


I would but we don't have senators in Canada.


Oh my mistake. You need to contact these guys. They should be able to help you.




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