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standard weights

Does anyone here have any standard weights that they would be willing to sale for cheap, or know where i could get used ones for cheap, plus be able to send tansactions through trust i.e. i cant order off the internet, but i can send cash/check through the mail in good faith

I would go to a yard sale if i were you, i got 400 lbs of standard weight for $10-15 bucks and their not very rare at all. Check the newspaper in the yard sale section

What 6-6 said. I would add to look in a local Shopper’s Exchange/Newspaper whatever you ant to call it.

THey usually cost 2-3$ and come out once a week and are full of used stuff.

You can also look on the Net for a swap site or smtg like that that covers your area.

You can get them for next to nothing at your local walmart, usually.