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Standard Sled


Me and one of my friends want to buy a sled to train with. The only problem is that I have standard plates and the one on the EliteFTS store takes Olympic. Does anyone know where to find one that takes standard plates? Thanks for any help.


Olympic plates are the new standard.. I don't think you are gonna find a sled like that unless you have it custom made or make it yourself.


I think Bigger Faster Stronger might have one otherwise you will have to make it yourself


Yup, make it yourself. The plumbing aisle at home depot will have what you need.


dude...just get an old tire and put a board in the bottom, then throw all your plates in there. the tire does not discriminate.


Find a rope that will fit snugly with your plates. Grab a handful of plates and take the rope through the center and make a bit of a harness and your off.


You can always use a wheelbarrow top.


Lose the standard weights and get some Olypic. The bar diameter in standard is smaller and will mess you up when you pull with Olympic bars.


I custom made this sled, I can make you one with whatever size bar you want.


I custom make equipment, I could make you a sled for standard plates. I have one on ebay for olympic plates.