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Standard Set Stalling !!!

hey guys Ive recently gone back to basics with a monday wednsday friday full body workout. 3 x 8 reps for each exercise and mostly 3 exercises per target area and I’ve been making solid progress with it.


I have read quite a bit on this site that your stock standard 3 x 8 will only work for about 3/4 weeks and then stall in progress.

So does anyone have any advice on how to change it up?

sure make your progression varied. as in not just adding weight you can only add weight so long.

Add a rep say next week do the same weight 3x9. then the next 3 x 10, then maybe drop back to 3x8 and up the load.

You can also add sets. add a fourth set. make this final set all out and aim to get 8 like the other sets once you can get 4x8 up the load.

take rest off each week. do the same reps same load same sets but each week reduce the rest 5-10 seocnds per set.

stuff like that man you just cant do linear progression forever have to mix it up and aim to progress any way you can.

then there sure is the why not vary the days doing 3x8 one say 5x5 another and 2x15 a third etc etc.

Hope that helps,

Adding a fourth set on the fourth week will be best. After that, you need new exercises and rep ranges if you want new growth.

thanks, yeh I guess just simple changes liek that will be good. I also looked at Chad Waterbury’s TBT for its variable set/rep scheme. It sounds good, but will I still see the same kind of results as I have been getting?

Who knows. But if your progress stalls, then you’re not going to be doing any worse with TBT than you are with your current one. Try it, it will most probably give you some gains. Then move on to another program. Don’t stress on what you’re doing, just ensure that you’re doing something. Which you have been doing so far. Well done.


You can change up:

  1. exercises every 3-4 weeks, for example barbell bench to dumbell bench, change the angle on the bench (flat, incline, decline).
  2. the order of body parts, deadlift then squat for 3 weeks, squat first then deadlift for the next 3 weeks.