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Standard Free T for Young Males 20-30?

Hey what should be the value of free T for young males of age group 25-30.I have read somewhere that optimum value of free T is 25 pg/ml.
Anyone please chime in and Clear my point. I am also suffer from low t issues and aged only 26 years

This is too simplistic and you would need to be trying to find out why T is low. Your low-T is a symptom, what is the cause? So you need lab work that does not have T-tunnel vision. There are 7 stickies in this forum. They do not have icons.

Start with the advice for new guys sticky.

KSman, as you know most don’t read all the stickies. In an ideal world they would before posting, but it just doesn’t happen.

I think partly this is because the entry barrier is too high. People will not read each of 7 stickies, especially when they have become multi-page.

My suggestion is a sticky consolidation where there is a single If Needing Help, Read This First (or similar title) sticky, and no other stickies at all.

That sticky would have brief but informative and key statements on each topic, and then a link to the existing threads, which would be unsticked and allowed to go to wherever they naturally fall on the board.

If you have the time for it I’m sure you would do a great job with this, and it’s a suggestion. If it seems a good idea to you but you do not have the time but would like it done, I’d be glad to do it. Please let me know.

I think that the advice for new guys sticky is best for that. Then there are reasons to point to other specific stickies. Because powers that be think its cool to have a website that does not have icons for stickies, since the bit site re-write, that people might note the titles and then self direct to some that they would think might apply. So I am compensating for webmasters who refuse to address these issues. I asked many times!