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Standard Estradiol Labs Said 21 When I Started

Hey guys new to the forum… My doctor is on Jury duty and not available…

For 18 months I was on trt, things were going well until sept of 2018, I would have these depressive or anxious episodes… I figured it was hormones so I went to a clinic (cheaper) other than my normal doc (big mistake) and got labs. The tested me and e2 was around 15 on a standard test, test was around 900… 15 seemed ok to me, because I was comparing it to my doc, but his tests were quest ultra sensitive. So, i came off hormones and shit hit the fan, but my e2 always stayed around 20… 7 weeks ago i brought my most current labs to my original doc and got put back on trt after 5 miserable (depressive and anxious) months off…
My doc put me on test cyp 2x a week .25 injections and 1/4 anastrozle… In 4-5 weeks i felt no different, it was like i was not on test. So, i did my own research and found that some men read high in E2 on standard test… So, while on vacation i had my doc order senstive e2 from labcorp (correct test for me) because i felt like low e2 was what i was dealing with… Here are my numbers

TT 644 (264-916)
Free T 18.1 (8.7-25.1)
dihydrotestostrone 59
dhea 223.4 (102.6-416.3)
Estrodiol sensitive 8.5 (8-35)

Now my doctor is on Jury duty and not reachable, I have not taken anastrozle for the last 3 injections, is that wise? Any advice until my doc can communicate? how long to recover E2 levels? My bf is probaly 13%ish… I apologize if i have left anything out.

I personally think 15 was too low also and stopping was in your best interest. As long as you don’t have high e2 sides I wouldn’t take anymore. Did your doc start you on AI from the beginning? Your E2 was good to begin with and I don’t think you should start AI until symptoms or blood draws show you need it.

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E2 is low and AI dosing is the obvious problem, stop the AI and allow E2 to increase and do not take the AI based on feelings, you’re too early in the game to know what’s going on with your body.

I inject 20mg every 2 days (80 weekly), vial strength is 100mg. Find out the strength of your prescription. If it’s 200mg strength, then you are injecting 50mg twice weekly.

.25 ml 2x a week…

No comprende, describe dosing in mgs, not ml.

The thing is, I think the standard test was wrong, I bet I was low to begin with. .25 mg AI with every injection was half of what my protocol was 2 years ago… standard test is for women, men need the sensitive… thank goodness for this forum, because that’s where I learned about the difference

Hmmmmm… my bad, just going off the doc summary… lol

200mg/ml bottle, 4 injections out of a bottle, 25mg 2x a week…

That’s 50mg twice weekly, .25ml is 50mg, .5ml would be 100mg (half) and 1 ml would be 200mg.

Very well could have been. Like I said though even if it was correct I don’t think your doc should have put you on it. It took me a couple weeks for me to feel better after mine was crashed to a 6. My joints still crackle and pop, not painful just noisy but otherwise I feel better. My E2 rebounded back up around 50 by the next time I took bloods after about 90 days. That was with very inconsistent AI, some weeks I didn’t take any, some I took about 1/2 of what I was prescribed and some 1/4.