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Standard Employment Drug Test

I feel like a retard for even having to ask this.

Basically, I went my entire college career not doing anything illegal, then smoked marijuana 3 times here in my last semester, and will be taking a drug test here in a couple weeks, as soon as I decide between my 2 job offers. My 3 times were in the first half of march, last time being March 16th.

Yes I’m an idiot, no I’m not doing it again, but did I fuck myself royally? At the time, grad school was in my future and drug tests were not and it was spring break. I scratched grad school and now I’m kicking myself looking at my job offers.

We’re on about day 39 since my last time. By the time I take a drug test, we could be up to 50 days or more since the last time. I’m getting the figure 3-30 days, which makes me feel good. Is this the same in everyone’s experience? I’m sure you can understand my worry over this…

just drink lots of water. you will be fine.

You will be golden by then, probably already are.

If your not a heavy smoker you should be golden. Don’t worry about it.

Marijuana passes easily, I’m basically a drug addict and have never failed a drug test.

[quote]Guerrero wrote:
Marijuana passes easily, I’m basically a drug addict and have never failed a drug test.[/quote]

It “passes easily”? THC is fat soluble. It can stay in your system longer than pretty much any other recreational drug.

To the OP Here’s a tip: don’t take advice from junkies. Also, don’t worry, you should be fine. Although I don’t recommend you start trying to lower your bf% as the test date approaches.

Okay, it’s simple. Take enough Niacin so that you feel a “burn” throughout your body. Now do this three times a day. Drink cranberry juice, water, and do lots of cardio. If you’ve only smoked three times in your life, and it was in March, you’re probably fine, but if you’re worried just do what I told you and I guarantee a pass.