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Standard Barbell or Trap bar for Home Gym?

Right now I have minimal equipment (weighted vest, dip stands, pull-up bar, adjustable kettlebell, dumbbells), but I’ll need a barbell or trap bar to complete my home gym, which I’ll get in a few months. If my primary future goal is a strongman competition, does it matter if I get a barbell or trap bar?

I prefer trap bar deadlift over regular deadlifts, but you can do so many more exercises with regular bar its a easy choice, deadlifts, yoke walk, zercher lift,clean and press , Jefferson deads, squats, you get it.

I cant really envisage a situation where you would choose a trap bar ahead of a barbell.

The best you can do with a trap bar is to poorly simulate a car deadlift with side handles and also poorly simulate a frame.

The barbell allows you to press, squat, bench, curl, extend and the deadlift is a very common event

When i started strongman getting tje equipment took up tome and money, this might help. Get the standard barbell, look for a farm implement tractor repair shop, you might score some old scap tire, tire flipping has huge benefit, use you dumbbells for farmers walk if even done light for mega distance effective. Zercher deads on a barbell was only prep i had for stones, than i went to a landscape company and got a 210 and 270lbs stones for like 40 bucks, then for your sled pulls and drags, go to big box hardware store buy the bucket only part of wheelbarrow, 30 ft nylon rope thats fits through holes on bucket, use sandbags or plates for weight , you can get a good harness off Amazon for 30 bucks, hunter’s use them to drag deer out of timber. Squat rack can be bought for cheap.

For yoke walk a bar owner let me pay deposit on two kegs, i unscrew tops (have fun) fill with sand then when cannot get any more in fill with water, let settle than put more in this will give you two 210 lbs kegs. For yoke walk put some chains around top of keg hook up to bar, now you have kegs to practice loading events with also. If i think of any thing else ill let you know , sometimes the guy’s putting on contests will open training day where you can come practice on implements, plus you fellow competitors might sell you some of their outdated eqip cheap.

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I figured a barbell would be more versatile (deadlifts, cleans, clean and press, etc). I won’t have room for a squat rack or bench for a while, but as long as I have a barbell and plates I can get plenty strong, as the back squats and bench can be replaced with weighted dips, weighted push-ups, one leg squats and rear foot elevated split squats. With a barbell I can do deadlifts, power cleans, and overhead presses, which are important toward overall strength development.

Get an axle rather than a barbell. You can DIY one by getting a 7.5’ length of 1.9 OD galvanized steel pipe and then use gorilla tape to make collars. It wi cost like $50. Can do everything a barbell can do, and bettwr carryover to the sport. Can probably spring for a trap bar soon after.


Although I don’t personally use one right now, I think a sandbag should receive an honorable mention.

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Good suggestions in here.