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Standalone Magnesium Supplement


Anyone know any good brands for standalone magnesium supplements (i.e. no zinc)? I used to take ZMA, and then ELITEPRO, but recently I've started to take Two-Per-Day multivitamin and Super Booster from Life Extension which has more than enough zinc for me. I don't want to overload on zinc with ZMA or ELITEPRO, and the magnesium in the LEF formulas is lacking (low amounts of magnesium oxide). I was thinking of Poliquin Ubermag, but I'm sure there are others. Appreciate the help...


Poliquin has alot of mag supps. males should take 2000 mg a day, 60% oral and 40% topical,

I usually take 2 caps of mag glycinate after i workout, 4 uber mags at each of the following 2 whole food meals and 6 pumps of topical mag behind each leg b4 going to sleep.

Get a red blood cell magnesium test done and shoot for the upper range which is around 6.8 i think. blood work is the only way to confirm what ur doing is working


ZMA + more frequent sex = keep it simple?


Andy, I'm using Uber Mag by Poliquin. Two caps nightly.

MoR, didn't realise it's okay to go as high as 2000mg. Is it relative to weight or LBM etc?

I've trained at the Poliquin gym here in Singapore.


I think mag citrate is the cheapest magnesium supp that is absorbed fairly well. But can cause diahrrea in some folks depending on dose.


BioSig pracs just got newsletter saying 2000 for males and 1200 for females. check out he magnesium protocol on the poliquin website and get ur rbc mag done to confirm things


I've been using Magnesium Gluconate bought in bulk (500g) for several years. Good uptake from what I've read. (Poliquin, I think).


Hey Andy how you doing?

I am not putting down the use of magnesium supplements, but I've found that if you're eating right you don't really need them. You can get a great deal of magnesium in oat bran, nuts and plenty of other foods.

Here's a short list of foods that are high in magnesium.


Good luck.



A little birdy has told me that it is hard to became deficient in magnesium if you have a balanced diet.
Saying that Im trialling ZMA at the moment for sleep purposes.
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I've been using Magnesium Oil from Ancient Minerals

Within a week i've noticed my quality of sleep improve


I wanted to ask about zinc. Is it alright to take on an empty stomach (as far as effectiveness goes)?


take it with meals. except for brain supps/peri workout and probiotics ull take pretty much all supps with food because theyre supposed to be there anyways but the way we farm animals and crops has changed the quality of food


a chelated mg won't give you diarrhea. 100-200mg BID is plenty


I've used that before... not a fan of putting oil on my body before sleeping, haha.

btw thanks all for the suggestions.