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Well, looks like t-men and women of all stripes are about to do the difficult work that makes “t-mag” possible. That is, they are going to risk their lives in an effort to suspend the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction by islamofascist regimes such as Sodomy Ho’ Slain. The regimes that opress and abuse women who actually dare to walk about showing their faces in broad daylight. Well, I sure hope t-mag approves. But ACTUALLY, I HAVE NO EARTHLY IDEA OF WHETHER OR NOT T-MAG HAS THE “T” TO ASSERT A DEFINITIVE STANCE ON SUCH an apparently inconsequential issue. Love, Merry Christmas, etc. -Lon

You might be interested to know that women in Iraq are not required to wear a “burkha” (sp?) Iraq is not a religious-fundamentalist state as promoted by Al-Qaeda etc. That’s why most people doubt there os a tie between Saddam and Osama: Saddam is not running a theocracy (religion-based government).

Why the fuck would they have to? To please some dimwit like you? T-mag is a training mag, not some bullshit political rag like the millions of others out there. Pull your head out of your ass and realize it buddy.

My that is interesting. And the relevance of al-quaeda ties is exactly, what? A dictator that rules under the auspices of theocratic islam espoused by his surrounding neighbors (some of whom do require the burqua) only wants to construct his weapons in peace. Yeah, just leave me alone and let me build these chemical weapons to… look at. The point superseded al quaeda ties a long time ago.

Lonnie, ask yourself: where exactly did the material for the chemical weapons that Saddam used come from? I believe it was from the US and the UK. If we don’t want Saddam to arm himself, why was the USA selling him weapons for YEARS, especially during the Iran-Iraq war? Where do you think Saddam’s arsenal came from?

Loonie Meade:
We are what we eat, and even more so what we read and listen to. Your “diet” obviously consist of junk food.

Yeah, ‘politics’ is B.S., JP. Train, eat, grow, etc.

This is a magazine about lifting, training and bodybuilding. Why would they espouse a political opinion. They may have one and they can submit an op-ed piece to the Wall Street Journal about it if they so desired. I come here to avoid reading about all that crap.