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Stand Up Comedy


Anyway here like Stand up comedy? Who are your favourites?

Mine are:
George Carlin
Richard Pryor
Bill Hicks
Sam Kinison
Bobcat Goldthwait
Eddie Izzard


Patton Oswalt

I hate his politics but his humor is really off-the-wall and his descriptions are very vivid.


Lenny Henry
Russel Peters
Eddie Murphy
Chris Rock
Eddie Izzard
Ben Elton
Eric Bana
Dave Hughes
Tony Martin


I haven't watched his stand-up before but I know him through King of Queens. That was pretty good, I'll have to watch some more.

Staying on the heaven theme though, this I found very funny...


Stewart Lee is a genius.


A little bit along the same lines as that great George Carlin bit was something I heard a comedian say about ghosts once was why do they have clothes? Did their clothes die too?


Redd Foxx
Richard Pryor
Eddie Murphy
Martin Lawrence
Chris Rock
Steve Harvey
Cedric The Entertainer
DL Hughley
Bernie Mac
Henry Rollins
Robin Williams
George Carlin
Dave Chappelle
I have a few more...just not coming to me at the moment.


Mitch Hedberg
Flip Wilson
Jim Gaffigan
Dave Attell
Doug Stanhope
Pablo Francisco


Jamie Kennedy - This dude worked the crowd for a solid 30 minutes and was insanely funny. His set was funny too but he's so quick on his feet when dealing with the audience. I was impressed.

There are a bunch of other hilarious ones I've seen but can't remember their names. I do remember that Tommy Chong and his wife sucked fucking balls. I don't think I laughed once.

Also Tommy Johnigan from this past season of Last Comic Standing was pretty funny.

These are the only ones I can think of that haven't been mentioned already.


In no specific order I agree 100%. Each one of these people at some point has made me laugh hard.

That is a MOFO Murder Row!


Some others:

Louie CK
Omid Djalili
Maz Jobrani
Ricky Gervais


Mitch Hedburg was great. Nick Swardson is damn funny too. I should probably expand my tastes beyond Comedy Central.



Is he really?

I watched that for 3 whole minutes and didn't even crack a smile once.

Either English humor is way different than American humor, or your taste is just bad.


Agreed...even though I personally would not put Cedric The entertainer in that list or DL Hughly.

I also think Lewis Black should be added.


I think Nick Swardson has a hell of a lot of potential. He just got his own show I think but I haven't seen it.

Mitch Hedberg is one I have only seen ONE show from on Comedy Central...and while he was funny, I can't really rate him on only one show. I have seen some funny comedians on Comedy Central that I never see again.


I think you have to put more effort into understanding his material. I would say it requires a level of sophistication and culture that is simply beyond the average American, who has little to no understanding of concepts like irony.

Having said that, there is a cultural divide, and Stewart Lee is by no means a mainstream act in the UK. And I find mainstream comedy completely barren and uninteresting.


That guy is just a boring fucker.


In other words - Boring fucker.


Fucka please. If you want to see real genius in comedy, watch Richard Pryor's delivery, early Bill Cosby or Eddie Murphy in the 80's. Real genius in comedy draws you in. You don't have to go FIND it.

That guy you posted didn't say anything funny or greatly ironic to justify "genius".

Mind you, I am not against English comics in general. But there is a huge difference between something that makes you "smile on the inside a little" and falling on your ass finding it hard to breath because the comedian was just that good.