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Stand there and get strong

I was really interested in the technique Ian King talked about in Heavy Metal this week - the part about loading up a bar with more than your max and just holding it, like in a squat or bench press. Anyone have any personal experience with this?

I’ve used these before when training for limit strength, and I seem to have gotten good results from them. I used Fred Hatfield’s protocol, which is 3 sets of 10 seconds using 120% of your 1RM. I did these after my normal work sets.

I used to do it years ago, although I stumbled onto it on a hunch, and didn’t know of anyone else doing it. We used to do 1RM’s in HS weightlifting, and I figured that if I went in a day before the main event and racked a ridiculously heavy bar a few times and just stood there, my attempt at the real thing would feel much lighter. It may have been a psychological edge, but it worked for me.

Used to do this back in high school, and got good results with it. Give it a shot.

Would use around 200lbs over max in the squat, 3 to 4 weeks before a meet, and practice setting up. It did help.

It is a good technique. This is the program I used to break 300+ in the bench back in high school. I would lift 315 off the racks and hold it for ten seconds. Each week I would increase the weight by five pounds.
I also did partial Bench Presses in the Power Rack. Doing 4 sets of three reps with 300 pounds. I slowly increased the range of motion over the course of seven weeks (the number of pins between lock out and below chest level).
Before starting this program I was stuck at 285. I just could not break the 300 pound mark. At the time I weighted 175. Not a world’s record, but it worked for me.
Best of Luck.