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Stand Alone Use of A-dex/Letro

I understand (from my limited reading) that the stand alone usage of AIs like A-dex (Anastrazole) or Letrozole (Femera) or Cytadren should fiercely reduce the aromatization of test into estrogen thereby staving off things like water-retention, fat accumulation and other undesirable features in general.

Extremely low estrogen levels do hurt glucose utilization, lubrication of joints, immunity and wakefulness (estrogen playin an important role in the activity of serotonin - a neurotransmitter vital to mental alertness and the sleep/wake cycle)

All this said, what will it do to an individual if he should pop a pill of a-dex (freakishly expensive as it may be) in the ABSENCE OF ANY OTHER GEAR daily for a weak or two?

we are talking …use of a-dex or other AIs - STAND ALONE.

Call it a gear-vacuum if you will.

I’m just speculating, but I would assume a slight boost in testosterone. Enough to make appreciable gains? I don’t know. You also have to take into account the mechanism of action. You are throwing your body out of its normal homeostasis. Normally during a cycle your throw it very far in the direction of muscle building, enough so that when you get off and your body normalizes (throwing it in the opposite direction) you still retain some of the gains. You are taking three steps forward and one step back. I don’t know if you would make enough progress in two weeks to put on and keep any appreciable amount of muscle.

However, you will appear leaner due to less water retention. You will also have no sex drive if you take high enough doses, at least the doses I would image would give you the best results. There are other inflammatory problems, but two weeks would not be cuase for concern.

Again, speculating on the progress/gains estimation. I know that taking Nolvadex results in a boost in testosterone alone. I’m not sure if that would be worth it either as a stand-alone.

Just offering my ideas before someone with more experience chimes in.