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Stand Alone Deca Stack...Please Help

Hi everyone,

I am 27, 240, 20% BF. I use to juice a while ago and I now think I want to do a stand alone Deca cycle. Please do not recomend test, clen, or winny. Those make me crazy.

I only want an atheletic look, I am not tryingto achieve a Mr. Universe look. I have muscle and am not to concerned about getting much bigger. I just want to lean and firm up. I remember liking Deca.

Does any one have any suggestion how to cycle for the results I want, in regards to mg per week and how many weeks? Or is there a more effective substance out there that won’t give me the jitters and make me crazy for my needs?

I wouldn’t use Deca on it’s own dude… your libido will shut down… You should include test in there…

Diet is key when cutting… drugs may help you hold onto muscle… and some have certain fat burning properties… but ultimately your diet will dictate what happens…

Good luck!

Vibe Alive,

Posts like that don’t help anyone. There is always the potential of someone taking it seriously too.

True enough…


Alright…I agree with your replies after thinking about that situation. I have been working out for over 4 months now 5 to 6 days a week. I lift 3 out of those days and 20 minutes of intense cardio as well first thing in the morning before eating. I am moderatly strict on my diet. Any suggestions on how to achieve that athelitic look. 5 years ago I use to have it. Than I quit working out.

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Deca alone stack? My god!! lynch the fuck now!!

Or do the following:

Wk1-8/10 Deca 400mg/wk
Wk1-8/10 Proviron 100mg/day

This will give great lean non-androgenic gains similar to test without the water.
Less strength for me - but there is little strength in Test for me anyway.

You will experienced lowered libido for a time after - depending on age, experience and sensitivity to prolactin.

Wk12 Tamoxifen 40mg
Wk13 Tamoxifen 40mg
Wk14 Tamoxifen 20mg
Wk14 Tamoxifen 20mg

Deca IS one of the most effective drugs out there for aesthetics.


You only need a small dose of test to keep your shit functional.

It doesnt have to be 500/week.

You will not see sides from an HRT dose.

you could also try running HCG at a maintenance dose along side your Deca and caber to counter the prolactin…

If you ran the HCG at something like 250iu E3D it will prevent the testicular shutdown

The proviron isn’t a bad idea still…not sure you’d need to run it at 100mg/d if you are also running HCG…you could prob get away with just 50mg/d

The caber you’d run at .5mg 2x/w

This should cover all your bases.

tamox or clomid would still be fine for PCT…with HCG you LH/FSH levels will still be in the toilet even though your nuts look fine they will shrink as soon as you stop the HCG unless you get your HPTA running again…

just remember suppressive levels of deca will be in your system for about 3-4 weeks after the last inject so that’s when you’d start PCT, you’d run the HCG (and proviron if you wanted) right up until the week before you start the nolva or clomid and then follow brook’s instructions from there.

[quote]Westclock wrote:
You only need a small dose of test to keep your shit functional.

It doesnt have to be 500/week.

You will not see sides from an HRT dose.[/quote]

This is interesting to me. Give me an example of the dosing of a Deca/(low dose)Test protocol you mentioned. And ancillaries if you will. I have the PCT part covered (understood)… but HCG, Cab… etc. Being able to funtion sexually is sort of an interest of mine :slight_smile:

My prostate is extremely sensitive to test. (I use Cyp. at 400-800wk depending upon the time of year). Sometimes alone, sometimes with Deca… always with A-Dex and hGH and other peptides. Wondering if a deca/(low dose test) protocol might aleviate this issue whilst still being able to run AAS.

Precisely how does a single compound constitute a “stack” ?

Anyway, on the question of an alternate single substance that wouldn’t give the jitters and would be a better choice given the goals, why not Masteron.

The OP is not looking for Mr Universe results as he put it, and I’d think that the possible side effects of depression, low libido, and poor recovery of natural T production that aren’t uncommon with Deca would be side effects not missed at all.

If using more than say 200 mg/week – in divided doses – I’d use HCG along with it, at for example 200-250 IU every day, or 300-400 IU every other day, or 500 IU 3x/week, with the more frequent programs being preferred.