Stand-Alone A7-E?

Has Biotest given any thought to selling A7-E as a stand-alone product exclusively to T-Maggers?

I for one would buy truckloads of the stuff.

Why not just get HOT-ROX

[quote]Lonnie123 wrote:
Why not just get HOT-ROX[/quote]

I think the rational behind a stand-alone A7-E would be so you could use it with Spike.

[quote]Lonnie123 wrote:
Why not just get HOT-ROX[/quote]

So that we can take A7E w/ Spike

While I do love HOT-ROX there are ingredients in it that have potential negative interactions with other supps. A7-E is a fascinating compound and the heavy hitter in HOT-ROX and has many benefits outside of just weight loss. A stand alone product would be more versatile and a staple for me.

I guess not too many feel the way I do however.

SOme do bro. It’s been suggested before.

Wouldn’t it be a good stand alone in the evenings? Burn fat and be anticatabolic without interfering with sleep?

Didn’t Vroom have a thread to that effect?