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Stance Question


Does anyone know if there is a certain stance that you can use when performing squats or deadlifts that puts emphasis on the upper and inner part of your thighs?

Right now I do front and back squats and deadlifts with a shoulder width stance (toes turned out slightly for squats). I feel that I am only seeing/feeling the results in the part of my quads right above my knees.

I'm not asking from a vanity standpoint, I just want to perform these exercises in the most effective manner possible.

I'd love to hear from others' experiences. Thanks guys.


Its very unlikely that a squat is not hitting all your quads.

I suppose a sumo deadift would work your inner thighs.

If they really are a both...just wack on the aductor machine later on in the workout.


Umm if your only feeling your quads in a deadlift, something is seriously wrong. When I do deadlifts, I feel all the work from my hamstrings, back, and lats. As for squats, I feel a burn in my qusds only down by my knee. I also feel my hamstrings being worked though. Make sure your going low enough, or your hamstrings won't contribute very much and all the work will be done by your quads.


No I didn't mean the deadlifts in that way. I was thinking the same thing about going lower on squats; right now I go to parallel but I was thinking the stance might be more of the problem than the depth.

Thanks for the input from both of you guys.


If you take your squat stance out wider (or pull sumo) you'll hit glutes/hams/adductors a lot more than you would with a shoulder width stance. Going real wide raw, week in and week out, can be hell on your hips though.